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Recently I chatted about the struggle of working with brands because I find that some brands expect bloggers to work for free, but other brands expect us to work off a commission percentage. To which I say, I don’t work off commission. Blogging is not just about sales.

There’s simply so much more to blogging than sales.

Lots of the time bloggers link their outfits, their makeup and so forth in their Instagram post, their blog post, their profile bios, etc. Many of them make a lot of money from their audience shopping their goods, but that’s never how I’ve operated. I started blogging in January of 2013, so it’s been a little over four years of this blog. When I first started blogging, I talked only about beauty and travel. When it comes to travel, there’s nothing I could really link to when it came to affiliate links. Which leaves makeup. Makeup is more about familiarization. When I recommend a mascara or a facial moisturizer, you’re not going to jump out of your chair and go out and buy it right then and there. You will likely finish your existing mascara and moisturizer first, and then you will think back as you’re finishing both, and remember that perhaps I posted about XYZ mascara and XYZ moisturizer. This will entice you to go and grab those goodies once you’re completely out of yours, but unless you’re done with your existing ones, you’re most likely not going to run to the store to grab new ones. It’s different from clothing where a pair of shorts may be 50% off for another 3 hours and people have to buy it then and there.

My biggest point with this post is that sales are not the only reason to blog. There’s SO much more to it than that, and for some of us, sales are not something we even CARE about. I don’t give a crap about how much I sell on RewardStyle, and to be honest with you, I don’t even trust the commission system. People could be buying my clothes, but I wouldn’t know. It’s not like I can see more than the likes on my photo. Hence why I don’t necessarily trust it to begin with let alone assume it as my main income. It’s unreliable and not a good way to secure income over time. Some days people may buy my entire outfit and the rest of the week, no one may buy anything I wore. 

Recently I’ve started replying to brands explaining to them that my main goal with sponsored collaborations is to familiarize my audience with their brand and their products, just like a billboard would do. We’ve used billboards in advertising for years, and as those die down, the new billboard is the idea that bloggers and influencers can post content for various brands. It’s a digital billboard.

While I understand the brands want to monetize us, that’s not the best way for us to build our audience or build trust within our audience. I don’t want to constantly push the people who take time out of their day to read my content, to buy from me. I also don’t like the desperation it causes within our community. PLEASE CLICK THIS or I won’t get this opportunity. Come on, we’ve come way too far to be begging for clicks we don’t really need. What’s the point of the click? To say someone clicked something and had some interest? Just the idea of them landing on the blog post should be enough. What do they then have to click on something too? Needless to say, the model is broken when it comes to what many brands expect and what they think they should pay us.

What’re your thoughts on blogging? Do you think it should be about sales?

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i’m not a blogger, but i’m sure it’s hard to figure out what’s right personally and what’s right professionally when trying to make money from your blog if you left the non internet working world for it. i don’t mind sponsored posts at all, but it’s not something i want to see every other post on the bloggers i do follow, ya know? sometimes i think bloggers have to “sell out” to make money or end up not being their “true selves” And most of us readers, do not have the income to support some of the items bloggers wear and recommend like this $600 chloe wedges, that every one has been trying to find dupes for, or the $2k chanel cross body that is a MUST have. sometimes, as a reader, i do feel inferior by the life that i perceive some of the bloggers have. but this is awesome that you’re speaking out on it!!!

1) love that floral print on you! 2) as someone who does this FT, I have to constantly remind myself that its not just about the $$$!

I could not agree with you more. I did try affiliate sales and I did not fare well. I had no additional traffic or sales. I just blog about my food and crafts and have fun.

I couldn’t agree more! Blogging should be more than just sales. Also, I first started affiliate marketing in 2004, but I eventually got burnt out by it because of the endless hours that went into it to just make a few hundreds of dollars. That’s why I’ve mostly veered away from it.

Amen sister!
I really think that bloggers, more and more, are starting to explain how this business works and hopefully both brand and readers will accept this as a business made from passion and not a silly hobby or trying to “make sales”.

Girl I am loving every word you put there! Blogging itself should be fun for you as a blogger, otherwise it’s kind of missing the point of what blogging is!

YES! YES THIS! Thank you! I started out with affiliates then stopped COLD TURKEY! I have affiliate links I could be using that I am NOT. I do offer sponsored content as I do need to make a living BUT that is where I leave it. More than 75% of my posts are non sponsored. I want my readers to feel VALUED and not abused or used.

Plus I AGREE affiliates can lie about what sales we bring in! I have had affiliates also take money back from me when customers return items! WHAT? Its not my fault the customer did not like the product.
I do work with ONE and I do mean ONE place that I have to use affiliate links for. The only reason I stuck with them is that they stuck with me and allowed me to post for them when I was so new I honestly probably did not deserve to be working with them.

I am an Amazon affiliate but never use that anymore as I never made a red cent from them which I find impossible since I have had readers tell me they bought through my links. They even knew they had not previously clicked on other affiliate links first – you know the whole “cookie” game.
It’s just not worth it!

From both sides affiliates never worked for me and I do not want to take advantage of my readers.


You are right on saying that blogging isn’t just about sales. That’s one of the reasons I don’t work with brands that only pays from commissions. That being said, some bloggers blog as a hobby. Other bloggers blog full time to provide for their family. The way I see it: If you’re an influencer and have the possibility to earn an income sharing the things you are using and loving, then go for it.

Affiliate programs never really got me interested but you are making me reconsider it. I love your dress and those cactus!

Love this post! OMG bloggers are lowkey sales people and it needs to stop! Its going to take away the authenticity of many blog site and that is not cool! I get it we need to make money but eventually we will sound like used car salesmans. Blogging still needs to be a platform to inform and come from the heart.

I’m not much into sales. As much as I would like to put it out there on my blog, I rather push content that’s meaningful and actually worth reading. Some bloggers just post their outfits and link the items of clothing so people can go shopping. It’s annoying sometimes.

I do sponsored content all the time. However, I don’t do anything that I don’t actually love or that I wouldn’t actually use. I think there’s a balance to strike between being authentic and making money that can be very difficult at times.

I totally agree with you. It irks me that people expect us to work for free. I don’t take free products unless it is something that I really really want. Other than that, I pass.

Great post! Totally agree with you that it should not be about the sales. It’s just hard when brands want sales and to see a high conversion rate, etc. But to build a great blog, you have to have an authentic following. Pushing sales will always backfire. Love how you are always true to your brand!

Xo, Brianne