Blogging Mistakes to Avoid + Black Friday Sales

This is a full body shot of my cut-out white sweater dress, featuring Keds and a Gucci bag in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.

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Blogging Mistakes to Avoid + Black Friday Sales

November 23, 2017

The Biggest Mistakes in the Blogosphere

I'm sitting here sipping on a cup of water when in reality I should have an IV attached to my arm at the moment (I had one too many margaritas last night celebrating Thanksgiving with my corporate team.) It's not even Thanksgiving itself either? I need to monitor my wine tomorrow because my family is coming to join the Thanksgiving celebration I normally have with Aaron's family. 

Now that I've got that out there, I wanted to jump into the biggest mistakes I've made and also mistakes I've seen from other bloggers. I'm not calling anyone out, but there's a lot of things I've learned over the past 4 1/2 years.

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This is a shot of me sitting in front of the Golden Gate Bridge holding my Cosmetic Hideaways necklace.

This is a paid for blog mention for Cosmetic Hideaways. In this outfit, I am rocking my Cosmetic Hideaways necklace. The necklace incorporates your lipstick into a fashionable statement, as your favorite lipstick will fit inside this necklace. It can store other items as well, so it gives you some flexibility in terms of how you rock your accessories.

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the sale of the moment

I love sharing a good sale. I've been partnering with Shopbop recently to share my favorite goodies from their site. The sale began yesterday, November 21st, 2017 7:30am EASTERN TIME and will end on November 26th, 2017 11:59 PM PACIFIC TIME. 

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Some of my favorite things include:

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Now that I've talked your ear off about my favorite sale at the moment, I wanted to jump into the top blogging mistakes made. 

1. Lack of quality.

Don't get me wrong. My old blog posts (formatting, photo quality, writing, etc.) are horrendous. I've always advised others to make sure they put their best foot forward when they start a blog, and of course learning happens along the way. I am still learning how to up the quality of my content. However, I see HUGE Instagrammers who have blogs that are inexcusable to a degree. They haven't gone responsive, let alone thought about HTTPS, but they have half a million people they're influencing on Instagram. Their blog looks like mine looked the first 6 months of this 5 year journey. When you are blogging full time or genuinely taking this blogging to the next level, the quality of all the content you put out there is infinitely important. If you are influencing a large amount of people, your work (across networks) should be of high (and equal) quality across networks.

2. Typos.

I'm not saying you need to be but if you can't use the correct they're/their/there, I'm thinking it's time to learn the difference. English is not my first language, so there's truly no excuse. Again, I will likely end up with 10 typos total in this post but the key is not to have a post of typos in every line, every paragraph, etc. 

3. Harping on others.

Let people live. What others do with their business really does not concern you, and at the end of the day, karma will come around and bite them in the ass. It is not your job to sniff out liars or people not disclosing their advertisements with brands. That's what the FTC is for, and quite frankly, they're cracking down.

4. Speaking of the FTC...

Not disclosing your partnerships with brands is one of the absolute worst ways to lose the trust of your audience, and be hit with a hefty fine for not disclosing. The requirements have gotten so much more strict, and it's no longer a willy nilly type of deal.

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5. Start a blog for money and fame.

Everyone seems to think being a blogger is all fun and games. Free makeup, free clothes, killer brand deals, etc. The reality of it is that you don't get that for years after starting a blog. You need an audience, and an audience takes time to build. Don't start a blog thinking you'll have half a million followers within a year, or that you'll be making money right away. It's just not how it works.

6. Don't sell out.

Another disappointing sight is when I see fashion bloggers or beauty bloggers suddenly posting about Oreos. Like girl, I know you don't eat Oreos at 10 in the morning every single day. Don't try to play us. This is super disgenuine to your audience, and they will realize you're just posting to make money, and not necessarily talking about products you genuinely love. It becomes very apparent, and your audience will be able to differentiate between genuine and disgenuine.

7. Don't try to keep up with the Jones. 

You'll go broke. Literally. You can't buy every season's new Gucci, Fendi and Chanel bag. It's not realistic, especially if you're not rolling in dough. There's so many ways to go about it in a smart, economical way and to be honest with you, it will feel so much better. Going along with this point, don't pretend to be something you're not. You need to be yourself. If you don't really love luxury bags, don't buy them just so you can flaunt them on social media. At the end of the day, if you're not a real lover of luxury, you're left with things you don't even like and a sad wallet. Just be yourself, and make your content about things you truly do love. 

8. Dont lie.

Another thing I am not the biggest fan of, is lying. Especially when it comes to reviews. If a product sucks, cut the contract and tell the brand you cannot support something you do not believe it. Do it for your dignity. I have turned out thousands upon thousands of dollars for products I don't like, don't fit my brand, and are just genuinely wrong for my audience and for myself. There's no shame in saying no, or deciding after trying the product, that you in fact do not want to write 500 words highlighting your love for it. If there's no love, there's no post. Keep it real. Always. 

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shop the outfit

what do you think about these blogging mistakes? do you have others to add to the list?

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