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Blooming Cruelty-Free FT. Elate Cosmetics

This is a flat lay of the Elate Clean Cosmetics collection.

Many of you have asked me my thoughts on green beauty, and while I support the cause, I don’t discriminate products based on them being cruelty free or not. However, when a brand is green and absolutely amazing, I cannot wait to tell you all about it. Over the past few months, I have spoken with Melodie (the owner and creator of Elate Clean Cosmetics) about a potential collaboration, and we finally made it happen. I could not be more excited to share her incredible brand because you will absolutely love everything, especially if you’re looking for a green brand!

This is a close up of the Elate Clean Cosmetics lipstick.

This is a close up of the Elate Cosmetics collection, with an emphasis on the mascara.
This is a close-up of the Elate Clean Cosmetics mascara brush, and the mascara comes in bamboo looking packaging.
This is a collective shot of the Elate Clean Cosmetics beauty products.
This is a collective shot of the Elate Clean Cosmetics products, which are cruelty-free and vegan.
This is a flatlay shot of the Elate Clean Cosmetics beauty products.
This is a collective group shot of the Elate Clean Cosmetics collection.
This is a close up of my makeup featuring a full face of Elate Clean Cosmetics.
This is a close up of the fresh tint foundation from Elate Clean Cosmetics.

This post is in collaboration with Elate Cosmetics. As always, all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.

The products use only clean, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients such as Organic Castor Seed Oil, Organic Cold Pressed Jojoba Seed Oil, Unrefined Organic Shea Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Candelilla Wax, Mica, Iron Oxides, Vitamin E, and Organic Peppermint Essential Oil. If these ingredients don’t make you want to put everything on your face, I don’t know what will. 

When I first saw the fresh tint foundation, I didn’t think it was foundation due to the packaging. It threw me for a loop. Initially I thought it was a spray, but the packaging does have a pump to put the foundation on a beauty blender or brush. My shade is in bare, which is perfect for light to medium skin tones. Given my lack of sun exposure these days, I am definitely on the lighter skin tone side. I used to be so tan back in the day, but after moving to Arizona I stay inside more often than not simply because I have no interest in skin cancer. Who does right!? When using a beauty blender, or fingertips, the formulation will provide a light coverage. However, depending on the brush used it can be built up to medium coverage. I think it’s a great foundation for work, or days you don’t want to cake the makeup on. The formulation is very lightweight and helps to even out my skin tone (you know I have a lot of redness.) It also helps to prevent irritation and gives a little natural protection from the sun. 

While I’m not always so keen to try loose eye colours, I definitely gave the loose eye colour in the shade magic a go. This product has natural minerals and bamboo extract which is helping protect the skin. It’s a sparkly pink with some light purple undertones, aka the best color for me and my obsession with pink. Because of Elate’s care for the environment, the glass jars they place the pigment in is reusable and they encourage you to resend the empty containers so they can be refilled with more pigment. 

When it comes to blush, I am not too hard to impress given I love just about every single blush I try. The awesome thing about Elate blushes is they are made with mineral pigments. Specifically, fruit and vegetable extracts, and then pressed with organic jojoba oil which I think is really neat. Ingenue is a hot pink with that slight touch of purple you’d see in red wine (mmm wine!) and it looks so beautiful against my skin tone. I feel that this blush could be a bit too dark for paler complexions but it would be great for medium to dark complexions. If you use just a tiny bit, it would be a beautiful color on lighter skin tones, but be conscious of the amount. Since I’m lighter, I try to be gentle with my brush and it was beautiful. The formulation of the blush is truly amazing, and lightweight. As I swatched the blush, it felt like I wasn’t applying anything. That’s the best because I never want makeup to weigh my face down.

When it comes to the packaging, Elate Cosmetics has really got it going on! The bamboo, wood-like feel is incredible and makes the usage of the products so much more rewarding. It’s incredibly chic.

Because I’m a picky mascara fiend, I always like to judge a brand’s ability to create a good mascara, with their brand overall. Elate’s mascara wand is on the thicker side and definitely plumps and lengthens lashes without caking on too much mascara or making them look unnatural. Whether you need the mascara for a work day, a workout, or a night out, this mascara will do just the trick. 

If you’ve been over on my Instagram, you know that I’m not a big fan of eyeliner. It seems like no matter what, my eyeliner somehow gets messed up and causes me more grief than it’s worth. Elate’s liquid eyeline is an unlikely match for me, but somehow it works out beautifully. It’s perfectly gentle even for the most sensitive eyes (that’s me!) and it applies easily with the lightweight brush applicator. It’s dark black and really makes my eyes stand out even more. 

The lipgloss in the shade Charm is a raspberry pink, but not too loud of a raspberry which makes it ideal for every day wear. It’s lightweight, and does give full coverage should you want it. It will leave a stain after a few hours wear, but will need reapplication (just as any lipgloss would!) One of my favorite things about it is the obvious peppermint oil inside, and how I get a comfortable cool and tingly sensation on my lips. The castor oil in this product gives my lips a softening effect that I really need, so not only will I have a beautiful shade on my lips, I also have softer lips after wear. Win-win!

This season’s makeup collective is called Bloom (Elate Collection S/S 2017) and it’s vibrant, fun and perfect for spring! Which of the items mentioned above is your favorite? 

Elate Clean Cosmetics Beauty Products

This is a close up of the Elate Clean Cosmetics makeup collection, directly from Canada.

This is a close up of the bamboo packaging from Elate Clean Cosmetics beauty products.

Elate Clean Cosmetics comes from Canada, and is cruelty free and vegan. The packaging is quite lush as well, and this is a close-up of the bamboo-like packaging.

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My favorite of these products is the Fresh Tint Foundation, which I’d really love to try! Thanks for this informative blog and a really fun giveaway! Good luck to everyone! <3

I’m glad your excitement for collaborating in what is “Elate Clean Cosmetics”.I really liked the lipsticks and the way you write. I am participating in the contest. Kiss 🤗

Not only is the packaging beautiful and the product hues are vibrant, but the fact that they’re cruelty-free makes my heart so so happy. Thanks for sharing babe!

xo, Sara

Anything cruelty-free always wins in my book, and it doesn’t hurt that the packaging is TO DIE FOR!

Hellooo! Although I saw this post, a bit late, I aim to compete in the givaway! I hope to win. A huge hug from the Dominican Republic!

Wow I really don’t discriminate either about cruelty free products although seeing this products would love to try them and start using clean and fresh and cruelty free products thank you for this opportunity to try something new 😁

I’m obsessed with that lip color & all of these products seem great!!

Got here through your giveaway video! I’ve never heard of this brand before, always great to find something new to try 🙂

I’ve entered , I really love your videos I watch them all the time. I tell all my friends to subscribe. Your makeup tutorials help me a lot. I really love makeup & this will mean the world to me if I win because I can’t afford a lot of makeup so I have a little bit . I really look up to you And I can’t wait until my youtube grow so I can be just like you❤️

I’ve entered , I really love your videos. didnt know your channel before but now i wont miss a single one. keep up the great work 🙂

ps.: never seen a beauty blogger that enthusiastic as you are – keep going 🌸

This post is very useful, and you make it look in an incredible way, you are very wonderful, but other than that I feel that the ‘green’ cosmetics come in a good way to us and the same environment since, when discarded, they are incorporated into the Nature and do not cause the same damage as other makeup that we throw something and because they have chemicals damage our planet, and thanks to the creation of these products reduces the impact. 😍🌹🌹

Hi Adaleta, I lovvve your vids. You have so much knowledge about skincare and makeup and you have helped me feel better about myself. Thank you for everything you do 😘 I’m having knee surgery next friday April 28th. I will really miss shopping for makeup for a while. ❤️💄🖤💋

I love how pretty the colors look. The packaging is taking me back to Aveda before it was bought by Estee Lauder. I’ll have to check this out!! Thanks for sharing!!

You have Such a Big heart to give all this away ..😊 I am blessed that I can learn so much from you through ur page. Basic products are very Important for me since there are no gud quality h
products under 500 rs which I can afford actually. .. and lipsticks are crucial part of makeup and not owning one of these really hurts. I do try and Manage to save Money but I have to pick my Small expenses too. 😑 I will have to save for months to get one. I feel I have alot of potential to create an art out of all this Makeup.. My Love for makeup is indescribable.. I love Muas and their passion towards their makeup. For me Doing my makeup or someone else, s is a stress reliever ❤ It is a Big source of Confidence and Happiness for me.. I, d die for the goodies. Hope u Read because I have wrote Such a Long paragraph but I don, t have any option to write my Heart out.. A huge hope nd Alot of prayers. all I have right no w… Tagging my Girls.. Do participate here and follow her She is Amazing and Extremely Talented ❤ @saha_kanishka @apoorvaapo @paridhi661

Thanks for sharing! Im all about organic and cruelty free products these days – they are becoming more and more available too! Ill have to try this brand out!


The packaging is so cute and simple. It’s makes me wanna buy and try it😍

These look so cute and wonderful!!! I love wooden makeup materials! Love the look of the eyeliner! Love ur youtube videos❤❤

Congratulations on your collaboration! !!! I cannot wait to see what gorgeous things you create for us ❤ and being a green makeup company just makes it that much better! ❤❤❤

I really need to try these products because they’re cruelty free and they look great! <3 <3

Thanks for sharing your first hand experience! I absolutely love their packaging too

what cute & sweet packaging… love them .. so original!!! Thanks for sharing & you great giveaway!!!

Your blog is amazing, you are so beautiful and cure with us…. Thank you for everything. Love from El Salvador my dear!…

Your blog is amazing, you are so beautiful and cure with us…. Thank you for everything. Love from El Salvador.

Love the packaging, I had not read or seen before a review of this brand, I liked it! Great post! 😉😘

Oh wow😍😍😍 wonderfull concept LOL me too at first glance I thought it was a spray😂😛

That eyeliner seems like it would AMAZING! I love the packaging on everything though and I’m overjoyed that it’s all cruelty free. <3

I haven’t heard of this brand before! I love that lip color 🙂

-xoxo, Azanique

So not only is the packaging ridiculously amazing, but it’s cruelty-free! How awesome is that? Excited to take a look at your giveaway too! xo, Jessica

I love your blog and I think you are so beautiful. I love your posts ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.