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Brevard Zoo & Some Good Ole Food

After the Kennedy Space Center adventure, we went to lunch at another local hot spot.

| Grills Seafood Deck and Tiki Bar |

Look at this southern style lunch. LOOK. AT. IT.

After we enjoyed our lunches, we were taken to the zoo.

The Brevard Zoo is the only zoo in the United States that offers a kayaking experience around an animal exhibit. You bet your pretty little pants I took the opportunity to kayak. As we made our way around the exhibit, we saw monkeys, giraffes, and the works!

After we safely made it back to land, we explored the zoo a bit longer. And made some new friends.

After the zoo adventures, we had a few drinks (no pictures unfortunately) but I snagged a few pictures at the most incredible restaurant: Crush Eleven

The appetizers and wine were marvelous. The steak was…incredible. There was guacamole added into the mix, with mashed potatoes. Aka the most perfect meal for me with all of my favorite things.

What a lovely zoo experience along with one of the best meals I’ve had in quite some time!