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Chanel LES BEIGES Water Fresh Tint Review

Chanel Beauty Hydrating Le Tint

Chanel LES BEIGES Water Fresh Tint Review

October 9, 2022


After hearing TIBAL (things.i.bought.and.liked) and Katie (beachreadsandbubbly) both talk about this foundation, I decided I needed to try it for myself. Was it worth the hype? More importantly, was it worth the price tag? Did Chanel get it right?

Made of 75%, Chanel's LES BEIGE Water Tint Foundation it is super unique visually. You can see the beads separated with the clear gel. After mixing the product, it turns into a lightweight tint perfect to be applied either with fingers or with the provided application brush *yes the brush comes with the purchase of the foundation.

For $65, it is a great size that will last quite some time. It's perfect for day to day wear, and it  comes in 8 shades. I got the shade Medium and it works well for my complexion.

When it comes to coverage, this formulation more lightweight coverage which can potentially be built up to medium coverage. It depends on your skin and what final result you're looking for with the product. For me, this looks like my skin. But an enhanced version of it. 

In terms of the hydration level (how drying or hydrating it is) this is definitely on the hydrating side. What surprised me the most was the fact that it felt like a lightweight moisturizer and rather than drying out my skin, it blends in beautifully while really topping off the skin after my full skincare regimen. 

This foundation comes with the application brush, which is a nice bonus for the heftier price tag.

After using this a few times, I find it gives a "your skin but better" vibe. If you're looking for thicker and heavier coverage, this is not the foundation for you. While I'm a fan of lightweight coverage and something that looks like enhanced skin, I know that everyone wants that. In terms of application, if it's applied with fingers, it's much more sheer and lightweight. If you use the provided brush, it's going to be more buildable. The brush is really nice quality, and it reminds me of the infamous Bobbi Brown foundation brush that had a huge moment many years ago. 

In terms of longevity, this foundation stays with me for hours but I'm not outside in the desert heat. Mainly I'm indoors filming content, or going from AC to AC so it stays well for me. However if you're in a humid climate or outside in the summer it is not going to give you long-term "waterproof" wear like many foundations can these days.

Quick Synopsis

The Chanel LES BEIGES Water Tint Foundation is a lightweight, hydrating, sheer tint that helps mask a bit of redness and dark spots on the skin. While it doesn't give the same coverage of a medium to full coverage foundation, it gives a "your skin but better" look. While the price is a bit steep, the foundation comes with a quality brush (that will allow for thicker coverage of the tint) so in my opinion, the value is really there for this product. Since most tints make me look greasy after a few hours or they don't cover much, I'm really impressed with this formulation. 

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*For videos of this product in action, watch my video here or here.

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