Colorscience Sunforgettable® Face Shield SPF Review

This is a photo of the Colorescience Total Protection Face Shield Flex SPF 50, along with a light pink hair scrunchie and some other accessories.

Colorscience Sunforgettable® Face Shield SPF Review

July 25, 2021


It's not often that a new beauty product really amazes me anymore, but I saw my friend Elise (former New Beauty Editor) mention this new product from Colorscience a few times so I had to get it. Who knows better than a beauty editor right?

After using the Sunforgettable® Total Protection™ Face Shield FLEX for a couple of weeks, I am even more impressed after using than I was seeing the formulation tested on other beauty gurus. The product appealed to me given it's a liquid formula that provides so many potential benefits wrapped up in a one. Love a good multitasker don't we? Not to mention the combination of makeup and sunscreen is efficient AF. It gives you SPF 50 protection leveraging Zinc Oxide, which is ideal. I personally don't bother much with SPFs under 50 because at that rate, you're supposed to be reapplying every 15-20 minutes and who can honestly do that? Over here, I only like to use mineral sunscreens because chemical ones get into the bloodstream and most of the major chemical SPFs you'll find (even the supposedly "clean"ones) have known carcinogenic ingredients. 

Among the benefits this SPF provides, are a dose of antioxidants and great coverage that can replace your foundation. This is the hands down the most hydrating and moisturizing sunscreen I have ever applied, and trust me when I tell you I have a box of hundreds of sunscreens I am not lying. In terms of coverage which is very important, this is a light to medium coverage base. On days you want to go more natural, this is your one stop shop. It gives some coverage for redness and dark spots, but not full coverage like a foundation would. It's truly perfect for the summertime, and allows you to stay hydrated but also protected. 


This SPF comes in four general shades. Fair, Medium, Tan and Deep. It is also available in 5 finishes including Classic, Matte, Glow, Bronze and Flex.

It is non-nano (for more details about what that means, read this post where I dove into the specifics.)

Free from all of these nasties:


*Animal testing






It is also reef-safe, non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic. Also important is that you can get 40 minutes of sweat and water resistance which is high efficacy. Given it's summertime, most of us are sweating a bit more than usual. Some SPF cannot withstand the sweat and humid climates, so this additional note means the sunscreen is going to be a bit more resilient.  

Skin-adapting pigments

Before use, shake the product and squeeze the tube to get some of the formula onto your fingertips. The formula comes out of the tube white, but once you start rubbing it into the skin, it adapts to the color of your skin. It is the coolest technology I've seen because it really looks so natural and perfect for my particular skin tone. As I've watched the application on various people, I really find it adapts beautifully which is unique because for the most part I don't think most of us can find the absolute perfect shade of foundation, BB cream, foundation at any point. This color change happens because the iron oxide pigments are released and activated by your fingers and the movement of rubbing the product into the skin. Once the color "blooms", it's ready to apply to your face. There's nothing quite like this, and I will be repurchasing time and time again. While I like the Flex finish, I will likely try some of the other finishes to compare and see which works best as I imagine the different finishes will have different coverage (with Matte perhaps offering more coverage than Flex.) 5/5 for me. Highly recommend.

Sunforgettable® Total Protection™ Brush-on Shield SPF 50

Oldie but a goodie. Most skincare (or sunscreen fanatics) have this powder brush on stick because the formulation is next level. It's a classic, and not new but I wanted to highlight it here too because Colorscience really knows what they are doing when it comes to sunscreen; liquid and powder. 

This is a great option to take along in your purse because it's super compact and portable, great for touching up throughout the day. Not to mention it acts as a face powder to help mattify the skin a little too. Like the liquid Face Shield, this product uses Zinc Oxide with the addition of Titanium Oxide to provide a physical SPF 50 barrier. It's also available in the same 4 tone shades: Fair, Medium, Tan, Deep. The brush applicator is part of the product making this the easiest option for reapplication throughout the day, with or without your makeup on. While I find the liquid form does prevent sunburn, I did reapply this 3 times during my time in Los Angeles, and for some reason I still got sunburned on my forehead. Rumor has it that it's the marine layer which means you have to reapply basically every hour, so I can't knock the powder too much but it's 4/5 for me.

What shade are you ordering?

*I want to know which SPF you love (and why) along with how effective you believe it is based on your own experience. After testing hundreds of sunscreens (previously both chemical and mineral; now solely mineral) I find that Colorscience is one that you simply can't go wrong with, but I am always wanting to try the next thing or give feedback on one I have already tested, so hit me with them. If you're looking for details on specific sunscreen products, let me know those too. I got you!

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I use the colorscience mineral one (the brush-on shield) and am OBSESSED with it. I’ve literally been recommending it to everyone, all summer long. I keep it in my bag so I can do SPF touchups throughout the day when I have makeup on and have my makeup still look good. It’s the best!