Comedy Corner: Julio A. Gonzalez

This is a new theme for me and I’m not sure you knew this about me, but I love comedy

I love comedians. I love good jokes. I just love the tenacity that comedians have when they’re 

making fun of us all. I love a good, hard laugh every once in a while. Can you blame me? 

This time, I want to feature and introduce you to one of my favorite comedians. I’ve 

known him for years and I’ve seen him perform several times in Los Angeles. His name 

is Julio A. Gonzalez and he is absolutely hilarious! I remember all of the comedy shows 

that I’ve ever gone to, and even to this day, I recall his shows being the best of them. 

He is a true stand-up guy (as it relates to life and comedy) and I highly recommend you 

checking him out if you’re in the Los Angeles area. He travels out of state for shows from

time to time; when those shows comes up, I’ll be sure to let you know! Here’s just a little

snippet of the incredible jokes he has…

Upcoming Shows:

Brea Improv Tonight September 20th, 2014

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Will you be attending his Brea show in September? Which comedian is your favorite?

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