Comfortable and Classy in Fitflop

This is a photo of me sitting on a picnic table, with my legs in the air rocking my black booties from FitFlop.

Comfortable and Classy in Fitflop

November 21, 2018

This post is in collaboration with, and sponsored by Fitflop.

If you know anything about me, you know I am all about the comfies. Whenever I go to style an outfit, I like to have a level of comfort so I can rock the outfit for hours at a time. Typically my feet are uncomfortable in most shoes because I have wide feet. Sometimes I have to give up the cute style, for comfort, because they don’t always go together. When I first looked at FitFlop, I noticed they were extremely stylish. How comfortable they were was still to be determined, but I was just so obsessed with the look. Something about this pair of boots reminded me of Norway, which is never a bad thing. In fact, any style I can incorporate from Norway, I am always happy to because Norway is a special place for us. All of that aside, I finally got my FitFlop boots in the mail and had to take them for a test run. After ensuring they are super comfortable, I knew exactly all the ways I wanted to style it.

This is a full body shot of me rocking a maroon skirt and grey sweater with a black pair of booties from FitFlop.

When it comes to the comfort, there are biomechanics at the forefront of FitFlop. If you’re someone like me who loves to be stylish but also comfortable, this is definitely the shoe for you. Since it’s time for Black Friday sales, there’s a lot of discounts on the site. Some up to 60% off, meaning you can get a long-term comfortable shoe for a fraction of the cost.

The brand was created in 2007 by Marcia Kilgore, a serial entrepreneur and award-winning businesswoman. She wanted to bring the first biomechanically engineered sandals to thousands of women seeking comfort (ie you and me!) The other element I love about the brand the empowerment of women and they aim to give women strength and confidence to go further with their goals and ideas. Nowadays we’re inundated with so many brands, it’s important to find brands that has great ideals and focus on amazing things like female empowerment.

The detailing on these boots, the comfort, and the style, is something that I cannot deny. It’s the perfect combination for an everyday shoe for every season. Between the boots for the fall and winter months, and then the incredible sandals and flats for the spring and summer time, there’s multiple options for every single outfit.

Rocking FitFlop Booties




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