Confessions of a Workaholic

This is a photo of the walk to the beach at the Hilton Cocoa Beach.

Many people who really know me, know that I spend a lot of time on my laptop and cell phone.  It’s the cold hard truth.

This is a photo of the Hilton Cocoa Beach and the tiki bar outside.

This is a photo of me holding my coffee in the morning in Cocoa Beach Florida.
This is a nice scenic shot of Cocoa Beach in Florida.

The first half of these photos were taken in Cocoa Beach, Florida and the second half were taken in Punta Gorda, Florida.

I work most of the time. It’s a fact. I have to make a conscious effort not to work. I must lock up the laptop, put down the phone, because otherwise hours can go by and I honestly don’t really notice. I like to work, and I enjoy the work I do. I have a corporate job, and also maintain my blog, YouTube and social media. I don’t have enough hours in the day, so I have to work as much as I can.

I attend few social events. I gauge if I can attend a social event depending on if the event will help me with work in some way (instagrammable food, blogger function, etc.) If it’s a dirty dive bar, likely I don’t have time and I need to be writing blog posts or replying to social media comments. Also in general, I prefer to stay at home and work then ever go out. Over the years I’ve realized I’m more of a homebody because I love home. I would rather sit at home, sip on a beer, type out a blog post and just hang out with the boyfriend.

Even when I’m on vacation, I work. I mean I’m in a new place. I have to take as many photos as possible, take some outfits shots with a new background, you know the drill. I also find that content in beautiful new places is significantly more inspirational than an outfit shot in my hometown. There’s something more moving with a beautiful backdrop behind you (I’m looking at you Greece!)

I like social media. It’s part of my job, so me scrolling through Instagram isn’t a waste of my time, and probably isn’t like most people scrolling through Facebook to see Uncle Al’s newest girlfriend. Instagram is business and it’s work to me. Luckily I enjoy that kind of work. I’m also not bored with the conversation we’re having over coffee, but I have a business to run and very little time to do it. So please let me multi-task if you’re telling me the same story you told me yesterday. 

People understand me better through work. To be quite honest with you, the girlfriends I’ve met and made online have been better than most of the ones I’ve met in real life. It’s interesting how in real life, friendships are usually out of convenience. We work together, we understand each other’s business, we know the sacrifices we had to make to get where we are, and we just get it. It’s hard for outsiders to understand the online world and what being a blogger or YouTuber really entails. Trust me, I’ve explained the whole thing to MANY people in my life may times and it’s almost like telling a 5 year old why eating a tub of ice cream every day is bad. It can be impossible to explain.

If you know a workaholic, send them a text and tell them you’re thinking about them and hope they’re having a great day. Sure, we seem to be consumed with work, but we still love to hear from our family and friends. That’s a no brainer. Luckily for me, my boyfriend understands my work and why I do all of this. The hustle is very real. I’m lucky in that we do see eye to eye when it comes to this, because I know working a lot is sometimes a deal breaker in relationships. 

Are you a workaholic? Do you know someone who is? I want to hear your confessions. I’m considering making this a series, so let me know if you’d be interested. 

This is a photo of a funny chalkboard in front of a restaurant in Cocoa Beach.
I loved this sign in Cocoa Beach Florida, and thought it was so funny.

This photo depicts Punta Gorda, and all the palm trees and different colored chairs outside by the beach bar.
In this photo, my hands are cupped in the heart symbol and the sun is in the center of this heart symbol.
This is a photo of the palm trees and water in front of the tiki bar we were sitting at in Punta Gorda Florida.

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