Day to Night Athleisure Outfit

Rocking a lilac top and comfortable denim jeans from Athleta while chilling along the water in Portland Oregon.

Day to Night Athleisure Outfit

June 21, 2018

Switching Tops Day to Night with Athleta

This post is in collaboration with and sponsored by Athleta. 

This is a collaboration I have been dying to tell you about for the past few weeks. Athleta has been an athletic brand I genuinely cherish and appreciate, because not only are their clothes fantastic, but their messaging is incredible. Their wide selection of pieces are meant to help women perform their absolute best during any kind of activity. They also help protect from the sun, which as you know is a huge concern for me here in Arizona. The sun is never-ending and always on my face. No, but really. They also make collections that flatter a range of bodies, which as you know is a big part of my life now. Body positivity is the best concept I've ever heard and honestly, I was so ignorant to this idea for years. I always thought people with curves were lazy, but dude I have curves. I am a curvy girl, and it's in my DNA. I am not going to lose my hips or my thicker thighs. Regardless of my past, I am now telling you that body positivity is something I really believe in, and when a brand makes clothes to fit all body types, I am so much more in love with the brand. They care about everyone and not just the size 0, which is so important.

All photos were taken by Addie Mannan.


When it comes to athleisure, I am all for it. Comfortable clothing that is going to make my body comfortable and cool throughout the day? Not to mention it protects me from the sun? YAS PLEASE. My biggest concern from day to night (or early morning to day) is that I want to be less covered during the day when the sun is out. This does seem a bit weird, but in Arizona I will overheat if my arms are covered all day. Your body boiling IS a real thing people. It is very real, so I like to do a short sleeve during the day. This gorgeous lilac top (with the cutest twist in front) is not only stylish, but it's super comfortable.

It fits perfectly in a medium, and I love the lilac tie in front. It makes the shirt more fashionable, without losing any of the comfort. Who knew that was possible?

Because I do tend to sweat quite a bit throughout the day, I knew I needed a sports bra during our humid time in Portland. This white bra is not only super comfortable (and does not dig into my skin) but it is also super supportive. 

These Sculptek Skinny Jeans are my favorite pair at the moment. They fit perfectly in both a size 8 AND a size 10. If I eat a little bit more at my favorite spot later this week, I can still rock these and no one will know if it's an 8 or 10. They go with every single tee, and will be perfect for fun nights out this summer or cooler days in the fall and winter. I love darker denim, I can't deny that! Did I mention that this medium-wash pair stretches 360 degrees then snaps back into shape without bagging!? Magical right!

The last thing I'll say about these is they not only have pockets. They have power pockets. They are seriously stretchy front pockets designed to offer storage without bulk, so you feel supported. Not to mention I can put my vlogging camera, cell phone and so much more inside these pockets!

As you transition from day to night, it's important to get something a bit warmer on the skin. I love this sweatshirt for two big reasons. It's super soft, and it works casually or more dressed up depending on shoes, bag, and such. I loved rocking this sweater all evening when Aaron and I did a mini hike, and then hit up a brewery and went to dinner. I wasn't underdressed and I was so incredibly comfy, and warm given the cooler temperatures in Oregon even in the summer! It was the perfect top.

All of these new arrivals from Athleta are incredible. They're comfortable, easy to throw on for athleisure or a workout, and super affordable. Did I mention they're also super cute? In case you haven't noticed, but I've been tying all my shirts in the front to make that front tie, so I feel like Athleta is definitely speaking to me with this lilac top. Not to mention these ridiculously comfortable jeans which we did a few hikes in last week. When you think of hiking, you don't think jeans would be comfortable but these are so stretchy and worked so well for me. The lilac top was also perfect during the day, given I would get so hot during hikes, so having that extra breathing room on my arms made a huge difference.

Do you rock athleisure? Do you prefer short sleeve or long sleeve when it comes to workout shirts? Have you ever found a comfortable pair of jeans that you could imagine wearing during a hike?

I'd love to hear from you, and your thoughts on Athleta.