Decorating my Filming Room with Desenio

This is a full shot of my new wall filled with Desenio posters.

Ever since I started blogging, I dreamed about having a room that would be dedicated solely to the art of blogging and making YouTube videos. Now that I finally have the room, I couldn’t be happier and I’ve been looking to decorate it for a reasonable cost. 

This is a flat lay of my makeup photos taken in my filming room.

This post is sponsored by Desenio. As always, all opinions and thoughts are my own.

I’ve been thinking about my YouTube video background for years (literally.) Ever since I painted the wall white, I’ve wanted to add some color and something to the background on top of the bouquet of flowers that seems to find its way back there. When I found out about Desenio, they were so kind and offered to help me with my project of redecorating my filming room. 

There are so many options when it comes to posters, and I promise you there’s something for everyone. The inspiration throughout the site is also incredible, because it helps you visualize the type of collection you can build in your room. Their Instagram is #goals and makes every room look absolutely gorgeous. The best part is the cost is oh so right. You are not going to break the bank decorating your living room, or your entire house. Seriously! One of the misconceptions of decorating is that everything is going to be pricey, and that is simply not true. Desenio really priced everything so well and you can decorate your entire house for a low cost.

My specific picks were:

Sea foam (30x40cm) because I love the blues of the ocean. I’m a pisces, and I’ve always loved the water. Naturally, I had to get a pop of blue.

Triangles blue (21×30) went well with the sea foam, and I liked the geometric nature to the poster. It’s really cute, and looks unique and sophisticated. 

Wonderful world (21x30cm) is the perfect one for me, given I travel all the time. I like that the small writing says “and I think to myself what a wonderful world” because it is such a wonderful world. I love traveling and exploring new places. 

Lipstick (13x18cm) doesn’t require an explanation. The obsession is REAL.

Change your thoughts (30×40 cm) is something I preach in so many of my insightful and reflective posts. When you can change your perspective, it helps change your world and this is exactly the same message. 

Now that I’ve added this Desenio art, I am more inclined to use my filming room for more blogging work too. It feels more like an office, and less just a “filming room” which was my second goal of decorating the walls in this room. I also like the versatility of the posters, as they can truly do define me and I feel I choose the right ones for myself.

Which of my picks is your favorite? Which posters would you pick from the site?

This is a close up of the bouquet of flower typically visible in the background of my videos.

If you are looking to decorate too, Desenio has you covered. Between January 31st, 2017 – February 2nd, 2017, you can get 25% off with the use of this code: adaatude25

This is just a kind gesture of the brand (there is no commission in it for me) so tell everyone about this code. I love when brands are kind enough to give my loyal readers and audience some savings, that way you can save some $. This code does not include frames, clips or poster-hangers and is valid on all posters, except those specified as premium.

I never thought decorating and hanging posters would be so fun, but when it looks this cute, I can’t resist. Make sure to tag me in the posters you choose. I’d love to see!

This is a close up of the sea foam and lipstick posters from Desenio.

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172 replies on “Decorating my Filming Room with Desenio”

I definitely think you should give them a go, as it’s really nice and bright artwork! I happen to love all of their stuff, and their inspiration page made me want to buy every single one! xx

What a beautiful choice of print. I’m sure it will look great in all your upcoming videos. I wish I had the space create something like this!

Yes! You’d think I had a million subscribers on my YouTube channel because I have a room dedicated to filming, but I definitely wanted to have a real environment for it when I started. I take all of my blog photos in this room too 😉 xx

How i wish i was a successful youtuber like you! i always dreamed to have a room dedicated to my youtube account! I like how the flowers bring the room together

Oh Dios
Que preciosidad
Veo este post y quedó emocionada con seguir viendo el resto , diseños y todo lo que públicas es increíble 😘😘😘 Que bueno que hallan personas tan exitosas y con páginas y blogs increíbles en las cuales puede aprender tantas cosas !!

I’m loving the new background and I was actually looking for the same type of posters and frames for my husband’s office 🙂
And I really loved the one with the quote “Change your thoughts and you’ll change the world” ❤️
I took a look at Desenio’s site and I really loved the posters but it unfortunately doesn’ ship to my country :'(

Thank you for making this post , it’s such an inspiration for me , cos I am thinking to change my room decorate , very good and inspired 😍

You should check swedish decor blogs and websites, the style is so chic and clean and it creates a calm atmosphere. Definetly my fave <3

Lovely discussion! I will definitely share this to one friend who thought of blogging/ vlogging. Her main concern was the topic and background of videos/ pictures. This blog will definitely give her an idea on how she wants her videos to look. Thank you very much! 😘😘

Ah, your dream has come true with your film room. I love it & hope you enjoy it.
P.s. I entered your contest on youtube.

Your filming room is very cute and relax the perfect match for ur vídeos 👌 my favorite is the Desenio art the lipstick poster is very femenine and chic looks very cute 😍

it’s amazing, i arrived to you page YouTube and I’m so glad because I am really loving it and too your blog, i learn so much about makeup and about things differently. kisses and hugs from of Colombia.

This is great!! I am in love with the water pic!! I grew up on by the ocean so anything to do with water and beaches are my favorite. You room is so chic and classy!! I went on and looked at some of the prints on this site and they’re all wonderful I may have to order some in the upcoming months. We are moving and I’m sure I would love some on the walls of the new house. Thanks doll for the info so great. I was sent here from your YouTube and I’m so glad because I am really loving your blog. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

totally love it<3!!! This is totally the style I'd want if it was my filming room, something that's sweet and formal at the same time! you know, I've been dreaming of being a beauty blogger for SO LONG, but I've never even started cause I can't afford it :'(, but my dream still alive, I know someday I will make it trueee<3! God bless :*

I love the wonderful world poster! I really need a room like this. It is important to have a sacred space like this that inspires and encourages your creativity.

Well done on getting your own space for something you love to do, and it looks really lovely with the prints. I have some goals of my own now too

My husband is working on my space now for vlog, taking pics, and an office area for blogging! We are blessed to have a large home and most of the kids have moved out! Lol

Thank you so much Jenn! I’m so glad you like how bright and pretty it all is. I really enjoyed the pop of colors against the white wall xx

Exactly! The Desenio posters are such a nice pop against white. I can’t believe it took me so long to actually decorate xx

It is really bright! I do need more lights because when I film I do feel it is a bit dark so I may need some better lighting for filming. The camera seems to play tricks! xx

loving the pics on the wall , ive just spent the past three weeks doing my sitting room which is also a home schooling area and omg trying to keep minimilist but also engaging for them is a nightmre ,. ive decided they can have one corner the comfy reading corner lol x

So glad you think so! I do love how this looks, and I’m a big fan of the prints and how nice they look on the white wall. This was our empty room, not really being used for anything, so I took it upon myself! 😉 xx

Me too Jemma! The bright pop of colors is a nice contrast when it comes to the white walls, and I love the white because it feels bright and clean to me! xx

I will say that the last time we painted multiple walls in the house, we took a week of PTO and our arms were ready to fall off after ONE DAY of painting. Never again. I’m hiring someone next time for sure! xx

Thank you so much Sarahjane! I totally agree with you & I’m so glad you think this is a chic space. That’s what I was going for 😉 xx

Thanks girl, I’ve had the room for quite some time (basically since I started filming) but the boyfriend has let me make this room what I want it to be!! xx

I love your setup. I also started to design my blogging and YouTube room. Thanks for the advice on the Desino. I’ll have to check them out for sure !!!

Yes, definitely check them out while the code is still active (UNTIL TODAY!!) because they’re so affordable and you can easily find frames for these posters. I love their look and the inspiration page on their site makes me want to buy everything!! xx

Me too! You know I preach perspective all the time, and that quote is very similiar when it comes to it. Thanks for stopping by Tanvi! xx

Maybe I am a little bit out of subject but I need to know your opinion about the tarte concealer I see it’s almost everywhere but may friend told me that it’s creasing so much , what do you think?

I think it’s awesome that you found a company to work with that will help you decorate your filming room! From the looks of it, the room looks amazing! I love the colors and the accents that were added to the room!

Yes! I call it my filming room, but I do take most of my product blog photos in this room as well because I have a grey background and this white background (a bit of versatility!) I do like the bright pops of colors against the white wall xx

Yes they are, and they’re so affordable too which is awesome. I could decorate my entire house with their prints, and I just love what this set did for my filming room! xx

I agree, and I’m so glad I was able to make my own wall art. Their inspiration page really got me excited to find the perfect set of posters for myself!

Yes indeed! My desk is usually the couch, but when I need more inspiration, somewhere to film and take blog photos, I go to this room 😉 xx

So glad to hear that. The code with Desenio expires today so I’d definitely recommend checking out their site and finding some posters. Their inspiration page got me ALL EXCITED to find some new options for my house! xx

I am all about decorating my room these days. So this blog is going to help me alot. I loved that lipstick one and also sea foam 😙❤

Such a pretty space! I love that quote “change your thoughts and change your world” it is nice to have inspiring things around when working. 🙂

Yes it is & I actually preach perspective in all of my insightful posts because I learned from my boyfriend that most things are about how YOU perceive them! xx

I do love the bright pops of color, and how everything came together. It’s so nice when the art comes together and looks somewhat cohesive! xx

YES! Exactly. Once the kids are out of the house, you can take over one of their rooms. When they come back from college, you’ll just tell them “sorry I needed the room for my video making HAHAH” xx

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