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Detailed Look at the Mikel Kristi Core Collection

Detailed Look at the Mikel Kristi Core Collection

April 19, 2019

Skincare Made by an Expert

This post is in collaboration with, and sponsored by one of my favorite skincare brands, Mikel Kristi.

I am patting the product into my skin, and allowing the Mikel Kristi products to dry.

When it comes to skincare, I am always trying new products every few days. I try to cycle through products as quickly as I can, but also use several for longer periods of time to ensure that I have given the product enough time to truly have made a difference on my skin. However, sometimes when I find really good skincare, it's worth going back to for a while. Sometimes even permanently.  

If you've been here before, you have definitely seen me discuss and mention Mikel Kristi skincare. When it comes to brands that you don't hear about that often, it's a harder sell. I'm not talking about a brand sold in Sephora, but a high quality brand that is made here locally in Tucson, Arizona. Just because you haven't heard of it before, does not mean it's not fantastic. To be quite frank with you, my fiancé and I both think it's wonderful, and the best skincare set we've ever laid our hands on. Every single product in the core collection works with the next. There is a reason it's formulated and numbered in the way that it is, because Christy Hall (one of the creators) knows how cell turnover occurs and how the product is going to be the most effective on your skin. In my personal opinion, when a skincare line is formulated by a board certified physician assistant who has been doing all kinds of skincare work for two decades, there is legitimately no way you could go wrong. The product is coming from the person who sees the skin issues on thousands of patients, and wants to help the skin recover, heal and look plump for years to come. I was blown away by the quality of the entire line, but I will tell you this new packaging (as Mikel Kristi just rebranded) is insane. When a high quality product is in a gorgeous luxurious bottle (the serums twist open and close which is so brilliant) it definitely elevates the entire line tremendously. 

Step 1

Refreshing Botanical Wash

In the morning and evenings, I always cleanse my skin. In the morning, I go right in with this refreshing botanical wash. However in the evening, I do like to incorporate a makeup removing wipe to get that initial (and heavy) layer of foundation and makeup off my skin. Personally I've never been a fan of the makeup removing oil cleansers and I never feel like my soft fingertips can get all that initial makeup off; this is why I opt for a gentle and effective makeup removing wipe. 

When it comes to a good facial wash, this is definitely the one. This formulations makes the skin calm down, and therefore it helps with redness. This is one of my biggest ongoing issues, if I'm being honest. Redness happens throughout the day, or if I didn't reapply my makeup, or if I press a little too hard with my cleanser. However, with Mikel Kristi's cleanser, I don't get the same redness effect in comparison to the hundred other cleansers I've tried over the years. 

This is a coconut derived foaming gel wash, which means I love the consistency. There's something special about a foaming gel, which makes it more pleasant to cleanse the skin in general. It also has a nice tingly feeling, because it has a few botanicals including organic peppermint and spearmint. Since this brand is local, the idea behind the cleanser was to help cool the skin in the heat of summer. Since it can get up to 120 degrees here in Tucson (and it is hot everywhere in the summer) this cleanser is the cooling sensation you need especially in the evenings and it's the perfect refreshing start in the morning. 

Step 2

Lavender Hibiscus Toner

I love a good toner spray. When it comes to a nice spritz in a bottle, this is key for taking the toner on the go, which ultimately makes a toner so much more appealing. I love to have a toner that works well on a cotton pad, but also sprays nicely to refresh the skin throughout the day. The lightweight hydration is one of the  most refreshing feelings in the world, and makes a big difference as you go about your day, given it helps with inflammation on the surface of the skin.

Since I travel a lot, and I feel like I'm always on the go, I throw this toner into my purse and refresh throughout the day. Some people will take a sunscreen spray, or a MAC Fix+ spray, but I always opt for a toner. Not only is it refreshing and cooling, but it has more nutrients than a lot of other spray products on the market. 

One of the best things about using a toner as a second step morning and night, is that it aids your skin in allowing serums and moisturizers to slip deeper in the skin. The deeper you can get your serums into the skin, the more effective they will be, especially long-term. Lastly, there's a really nice calming element to the toner since there's definitely some aromatherapeutic qualities. 

Step 3

Bio Peptide Revitalizing Serum

Serums are my favorite. This is where the skincare industry breaks apart, because there's so many different serums on the market. Depending on the skin concern, you may need more or less, but the Mikel Kristi serums are a non-negotiable. They do such a wonderful job in reviving the skin and giving it the vitamins and nutrients it needs.

The bio peptide revitalizing serum is super concentrated and contains the "Growth Factor Complex whose main job is to stimulate collagen to refine, revitalize and assist the skin’s natural repair functions." When you think of a children (especially babies) you know they have super soft and beautiful skin. There is no sun spots, there is no damage and it's nice and smooth. Over time, your skin is not stimulating the collagen as effectively or as often. This is why we get that dull dehydrated look, and this is where this serum comes into play.

What I love most about this particular product is. the consistency. It's very lightweight and you almost feel like it's not effective enough, but the thin consistency really gives a powerful punch of collagen. if you're a bit of a skincare junkie like me, you know that collagen products, usually have a more lightweight consistency. This is what the Mikel Kristi brand refers to as "photoshop in a bottle." If you want your skin’s tone and texture to go from dull and dehydrated to plump and juicy, this is the product that makes a big difference in this glow.

Step 3

Vital A Rejuvenation Serum

Remember how I mentioned I love serums? Well this next one is an even more magical potion in a package.

This one is specifically for the evening, as it helps to sync up with your body’s natural repair processes. What this means is that you will wake up with healthier, more radiant skin. When I say highly effective, I mean this is so effective it can actually change the structure of how your skin regenerates. The entire concept behind Mikel Kristi skincare is that you want your skin to perform at its optimal levels. These products get you there by amping up your cell turnover and making sure the dead skin and the toxins are not part of the regeneration. Any time we talk about structural changes, you can expect the product to take longer to give you results that are visible, but it is 150% worth it.

In some instances (especially if you're new to this product) you may see some flaking, redness, or even an increase in breakouts. This is completely normal, because your skin is going through the purging and detox process before it can get to a better place of healing and function. The same can be said if you switch from aluminum deodorant to natural (which I HIGHLY recommend by the way!) as your body needs to get rid of the toxins first, before it can properly begin regenerating itself. 

Step 4

C Radiance Moisturizer

I saved the best for last, and also the most common. Every time I talk to someone about skincare, they always tell me they have 55 moisturizers, 0 serums and a 1 cleanser. Why is it that we've been trained to think our skin needs all these layers of moisture?

Regardless, once your skin is performing at its prime you need a moisturizer that is going to amplify your skin's health and make your skin look even more magical. The formulation of this moisturizer is so beautiful, I have a hard time containing my usage. It's a lightweight, silky formula that penetrates the surface of the skin to really effectively deliver three forms of highly stable vitamin C. This is a very special formulation, because many vitamin C products do not deliver three forms and many vitamin c products don't even have pure vitamin c in them. Be careful with products that are named vitamin C * insert product name* but have no abscorbic acid. You are paying a higher price tag for the vitamin C, but if it's not really in there you are paying higher for no pure vitamin C.

In my recent newsletter, I let you know that you should be using vitamin C in the morning especially. It is your skin's environmental bulletproof vest and helps your skin fight off the toxins through the day, in a more effective day. Lots of environmental stressors hit your day as soon as you wake up (in your home too) so using vitamin C is crucial. Not to mention this formula makes the skin look incredible radiant and healthy. If I had to pick my favorite item out of this core collection, it would be this new moisturizer which has combined two of the best Mikel Kristi products into one.


Every routine starts with a good cleanse. Use your fingertips (never your fingers) to get a nice foaming lather.


Once you've dried the skin post cleanse, the second step is to spray toner onto a fresh, clean cotton pad.


My favorite step is then using the serums (make sure to read the labels to see which are optimal for morning or night).


Once the serums have dried, apply the moisturizer for the ultimate hydration hit. Voíla, your routine is complete!

You can purchase each of these products individually OR you can purchase for a better price in the core collection. Since I'm always honest, I would recommend getting the collection and using these products with one another. After using various products over the years, I find that most brands make their products to be used with their line of products. Every brand makes vitamin C differently (as an example) so if you're using a moisturizer from one brand and a vitamin C from another, you're going to hav a harder time balancing everyone. Ideally you'd get an entire collection from one brand, and give it a few months to get your skin right.

Since I'm always honest, you know you can trust my opinion on skincare. This core collection has worked with my fiancé and I and my skin has never felt and looked better. I highly recommend, and I'd love to hear your thoughts once you've had a chance to try it.

Buy the core collection here*

(*not an affiliate link.)

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