Detoxing with SkinnyMint

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When I started 2017, I decided I would juice at least once a day. We essentially knew we’d want to be healthier this year. After juicing for a month, I realized there was so much more we could do. While I don’t like to work out (I am not that type) I do like to enjoy healthier foods that are better for my body. I like to take short walks, drink lots of water and do a couple other things to help boost my metabolism. Still, there was more I wanted to do.

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This post is sponsored by SkinnyMint, but rest assured all opinions and thoughts are always honest and always my own.

I know many of you have heard of a skinny tea that helps with weight loss, bloating and health. This seems to be the new trend, but it’s one of the best because most of us already love tea. I started March (aka the best month of the year mainly because it’s my birthday month) with SkinnyMint 28 Day Ultimate Teatox. At this point, I have tried four different detox teas, and this one is the best. Because of all my traveling the past few weeks, I have been eating and drinking all of the things. It’s hard to say no when you’re going to eat in the best restaurants in the best cities. 

The best process is to drink the Morning Boost each morning for 28 days. It has a little kick of caffeine so it’s perfect for the morning time, and will help to make you feel better. It has a combination of high performing ingredients designed to make you feel amazing. Tastes fresh, fruity and delicious.  The main ingredients include green tea, Yerba mate and Guarana. 

The second step to the teatox is to drink the Night Cleanse Tea, every second night. It’s designed to gently (key word) cleanse the body and calm the mind. It is formulated as the perfect night-time ritual in the detox program because it contains natural cleansing ingredients and soothing elements to naturally detox the body. Some of the main ingredients include Ginger root, lemongrass, Senna leaves, and Psyllium husk. **It’s best to drink the Night Cleanse after your last meal. It doesn’t contain caffeine like the Morning Boosts does and it really helps with digestion and gets you a good night’s sleep. To be honest with you, I’m not much of a tea drinker and I usually like the fruity delicious teas (if any at all) and these were both so yummy.

After drinking this consistently for a week, I felt so much better and I did feel lighter in general. Without detoxes such as this one, we get backed up and seem to have additional bloat and weight to our bodies. I do think it’s important to do a detox here and there, but this system makes me feel energized in a natural way and not like I’ve had five cups of coffee (an energy high I do not care for much HA!)

This is a close up of the Skinny Mint Morning Boost tea.

This is a photo of me holding the SkinnyMint teatox system.

My expectations with the teatox were to be sick, and stuck to the toilet for a few days but this was not the case. This is just the experience I’ve had with every other tea cleanse, which was not pleasant. I was actually really nervous and apprehensive about trying this because of my previous experiences. I even texted my blogger BFF to ask her about her experience with SkinnyMint, and she said I will definitely be on the toilet. However, I was surprised with the control and how gentle the effect was from the night cleanse. Because these are all natural ingredients, it’s not an obtrusive cleanse. I feel significantly better and a lot of my judgement for this teatox is about how I feel because I want to avoid feeling sluggish midday, and I want to feel energized throughout the day. Both of these did occur when I was drinking the tea which is a success to me.

I can’t recommend this teatox enough, and I would recommend this system to my own friends meaning of course I RECOMMEND this for you lovely people! Have you tried a teatox before?

This is a close up of the SkinnyMint teatox system.

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