Dreaming of Red Mountains in Sedona + Surprise!

Dreaming of Red Mountains in Sedona + Surprise!

February 28, 2018

There was always something so magical to me when it came to Sedona. I’ve lived in Tucson since 2009, and I’ve wanted to go to Sedona the entire time, but somehow I never made it up there. Now that I’ve been, I cannot recommend this beautiful town enough. By the way, I’ve got your Sedona itinerary sorted.

We drove up from Tucson, which took us close to four hours since we wanted to take a longer route to have a more leisurely journey. The I-10 can be slightly nuts at times, so we opted not to be brought into that madness, especially during Rodeo Week.

This is a gorgeous shot of a Sedona sunset.

Once we arrived, we enjoyed the views. Seriously breath-taking. We checked in to The Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa, which is a gorgeous 4 star resort. One thing I will note about Sedona is that there are a lot of B&Bs and inns, which are quite candidly, not my style. Upon check in, it was clear we were going to have a supremely cozy stay where we’d be totally taken care of each day. This definitely proved to be the case. As we checked into our room, I was blown away by the décor through the room. It had such a gorgeous layout, but brought that burgundy and red branding seen throughout Sedona, inside the room. The bathroom was gorgeous, and the shower could fit 10 people in it, which is the perfect amount of space for me, myself and I (ha!) Not to mention there was a shower head directly above one and then me in front so I could have both turned on to get the maximal water pressure during my shower.

That first evening we went to Elote Café, opened by the wonderful Chef Jeff Smedsted. This is the restaurant in Sedona that people line up outside 30-45 minutes before it opens (open 5-9 PM most evenings.) The concept is built on Mexican food, Oaxaca style. Their signature appetizer features fire-roasted corn.

We ordered goat cheese balls and guacamole initially. This guac was so good; I honestly couldn’t stop eating it the entire night. Even when I got super full later, I was still picking at it and wanted to eat more. After these appetizers, we were told we had to try the corn chili dip because it was the signature. Needless to say, it was delicious. I am still thinking about all of these appetizers – best cheese balls ever by the way. The outside was fried, breaded to perfection, and the cheese just melted once you bit in to the ball.

We had delicious margaritas with some of the rarest tequilas, and every margarita tasted completely different. When it came to a sipping drink, we were brought a delicious mezcal, which had the perfect smokiness and oakiness to it. These are two of my favorite characteristics to a scotch, so I loved getting similar notes from a mezcal.

After all the appetizers and cocktails, we finally decided to order a dinner. Because we were so stuffed at that point, we decided to split an entrée. I was initially going to go with the brisket (because I love brisket!) but decided to get more adventurous, so we shared the buffalo mole. So glad I got out of my comfort zone, and did buffalo because it was truly so delicious.

What an incredibly delicious dinner, and after the good times (we were there three hours!) we headed home to our gorgeous Almeria king room in The Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa.

Because I didn't want the fun to end, I decided to go to the Safeway (right next door) to grab some roses, the hotel brought us some wine and I did a little photoshoot in the gorgeous floating tub. There's something so dreamy about a nice floating tub, and this one was particularly comfortable with plenty of room for me. Dreamy right?

Enjoying the floating tub at the Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa.

The next day, I started my morning off with a facial at the gorgeous spa at The Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa. Not only was it extremely relaxing, it was genuinely the best facial I've ever received. The products were fabulous, in particular Emergin C, which I found to be an incredible brand I'd like to try more in my day to day.

After my facial, Aaron was super excited for a mini road trip within our road trip. We drove to Flagstaff to grab some brunch...on the way to the Petrified National Forest. This is something Aaron has been super interested in seeing for several months, so I was glad to finally make it happen! This is not the typical forest you'd expect with trees and greenery all around. This is quite literally the opposite, but so cool due to the petrified nature of everything. The tree trunks, mountains and everything within the forest are so incredibly old making this super cool. 

Pointing to the Distance at the Petrified Forest

When it came to the Petrified Forest, it was pretty exciting for me, given everyone told me not to get too excited about it because it was an "old desert," It was so much more than that. Between all the history, there's a lot to learn and understand about our planet. I loved the visitors center, and reading about various eras of the park to understand just how much had happened there. Definitely a unique experience that makes you feel so small in the grand scheme of things.

Once we left the Petrified Forest, we headed back to Sedona for our dinner reservation at REDS. This was such a fine dining experience, from the moment we walked in the door. The hostess greeted us so cheerfully, and told us a beautiful story about her husband and her. She was so conversational and genuine. You can usually tell when someone is being genuine, and I love that characteristic about people.

Once we left the Petrified Forest, we headed back to the hotel because we had dinner reservations at REDS. This is a fine dining restaurant part of The Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa. It was so relaxed and the ambiance was excellent inside. Not to mention it got us out of the chilly weather quickly, since the temperatures were dropping quickly. 

From the moment we walked in, we were taken care of by the entire staff. Our hostess was so kind, and told us the sweetest story about her husband. When we choose which table we preferred, one of the servers came over and cleaned the table off. Our server was attentive the entire meal, refilling waters quickly, making excellent recommendations and being pleasant the entire time. 

Scenic shot of the mountains at the Petrified National Forest.

For a quick link to the main things we did during our stay in Sedona, I've provided quick links:

Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa

Oak Creek Brewery

Elote Cafe

Sedona Rouge Spa

Petrified National Forest

REDS Restaurant

I cannot recommend Sedona Rouge enough, given the incredible accommodations (loved the Almeria king room), the spa and RED Restaurant. So much to do in one gorgeous spot. We stayed in the building in the back and it was peaceful with gorgeous views of the mountains. If you have recommendations for a future trip to Sedona, definitely let me know in the comments. Questions for me about this trip? Feel free to DM on Instagram.

Have you had the pleasure of experiencing Sedona's charm?

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Sounds like you had an amazing road trip and those views are breathtaking! I went on a day trip from Vegas to the Grand Canyon a few years ago, it was so fun experiencing the desert for the first time.

Sedona is on my bucket list! It looks so beautiful and relaxing! Loved seeing your pictures!

Omg that view as well as the tub! You had a good time girl. Also love the view of the mountains

This looks so beautiful! I have actually never travelled west, besides going to LA and San Francisco, but I have been wanting to do it. The desert is so beautiful!

This looks like a perfect relaxing vacation. I can really use a vacation right now. Your bathtub pic is so relaxing, I wonder how heavenly you must have felt.

I’ve always wanted to visit Sedona. It’s such a beautiful place. I’d love to wake up to the view of the mountains outside my room and that tube, what a great place to relax.

That looks very beautiful. The mountains are always so gorgeous to see. Looks like a place I need to really check out.

Sounds like a lovely escape from the city especially since it’s an area as peaceful as Sedona. I think the hotel is awesome and I’d love to go there for a vacation. The desert was really stunning as well!

I never really thought about going to Red Mountains in Sedona before, it looks beautiful though. May need to add it to my want to do list.

Sedona is beautiful! I’d never even heard of it until a few weeks ago. Thanks for the review. I want to take my family there.

Now this is an area I have always wanted to visit. The scenery in Sedona is just breathtaking. And that spa sounds amazing.

I’ve always wanted to visit Sedona! My husband’s grandparents live there so we have no excuse not to go!

Wow, I’m loving the landscape shots! Sedona is so beautiful and a nice place to get away to. I’m not into some of the more crowded areas so this is perfect for me

Wow. The views are fantastic! I have never been to Sedona or any other part of Arizona for that matter. I will show this post to my husband. I know he will be excited to read all about Sedona. Hopefully we agree to add it to our travel list for 2018.

I have been to AZ several times, but have never made it to Sedona. It seems like such a beautiful town! I’ll definitely make it a priority to visit there next time I go!

wow! it all looks just great, you know how to make a good recommendation for a place to visit.

That looks amazing!! That spa is to die for and those views are just breath taking!!! I have never been to AZ but have always wanted too.

I love Sedona. I’ve been in the area several times, and it really is God’s country. You can spend a week there just exploring nature before you ever head off to see anything man made.

Oh my gosh, this looks like an amazing time. The mountains are fabulous. That cafe sounds incredible. And I’d love to take a bath in that tub!

I just had a friend asking about what to do in the Sedona area, and I will have to direct her to this post. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

I have been to Sedona quite a number of times and I can definitely tell you the pictures you have here make me wish I could go back there again. Besides the beautiful views that bathtub is outstanding!

I definitely want to visit Sedona. It looks so beautiful and magical. That hotel looks very nice. I love your review and awesome photos!

I have been to the petrified forest and thought it was peaceful – if not hotter than blue blazes. It must’ve been nice to be able to enjoy the spa afterwards – and during – and before! I haven’t ever stayed at the Sedonna, but I love that spa!

That bathtub is giving me all the good vibes. It looks so relaxing!! I need to get out to Sedona soon and take in all of the sights!!