Dreamsicle Necklace Giveaway

I have been a fan of Mint and Lolly for several months now. Every single time I wear my Mint and Lolly necklace, I get more compliments in one day than I do all year…seriously. I’ve noticed that the variety of colors really attract the human eye. This is probably the single piece of jewelry that men have complimented me on and let’s be honest, most men usually don’t notice jewelry let alone comment on it! Hell some barely notice when a woman changes her hair color so to get a compliment about a necklace really goes to show this is a lovely piece of work. (I’m just teasing you gentlemen out there!) The beautiful assembly of the necklace makes it such a versatile piece.  I can wear almost any shade of lipstick and it will match. Having said all of that, I am so excited for one of my readers to win this piece.

The lovely ladies at Mint and Lolly have agreed to host today’s giveaway so I hope you enter, whether you want the necklace for yourself or know someone in your life that would love this gem! There will be one lucky winner. There are four ways to enter, but two are a must in order to be considered an entrant. If you have questions, leave them in the comments below. Looking forward to sending this beautiful gem and sharing some Mint and Lolly love! **This giveaway is open domestically.

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