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Dry Shampoo-An Essential: Part Three of #HairWeek

Dry shampoo anyone?

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Overall I am a big advocate for dry shampoo. Why? Because it means you can go longer between washes. I’ve found that washing your hair every day is not good and leads to earlier hair loss, hair detriment, and other hair elements none of us want to deal with. Being in my twenties, I want to make sure I am preserving myself (hair, skin, nails, everything) in a way that will be beneficial to me for years to come. I find this a very important element when it comes to my hair. I don’t want to be bald and grey-haired at 35 so I personally like having bottles and bottles of dry shampoo readily available. 

Here’s a brief walk-through for applying dry shampoo:

1. Brush the hair.

2. Spray the dry shampoo from about 6 inches away (this is to ensure you’re not directly applying to one specific area and also that you are hitting a larger circumference.)

3. Once you’ve got the dry shampoo in all the areas you want, take your fingers and rub in the white residue throughout your hair. Side note: Make sure all the white product disappears from your hair or it will look like dandruff later in the day. 

4. After you’ve given your hair a good ole’ rub, fluff up the ends to give your hair some additional volume. Fluff, fluff, fluff it up!

5. Ensure you addressed all greasy areas and are happy with how the hair looks.

6. Strut your stuff people, strut it!

What dry shampoo do you use?

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