Ease & Accessibility Traveling to Norway

This is a scenic shot of the sunset with Brattestø Hvaler.

Ease & Accessibility Traveling to Norway

June 19, 2017

Nonstop Flights to Oslo

This post is in collaboration with & sponsored by Visit Norway. All photos in this post were provided to me by Visit Norway. If you visit my blog posts, you will see my own photography from my various trips. 

If you've been around for a while, you know that I've gone to Norway twice. Once in 2015, and once last year in 2016. My next trip out there in a few weeks and I honestly could not be more excited. Norway has quickly become my favorite place to travel to in Europe, for many reasons. I've done a few posts in the past (way back in my blogging days) so if you want to read some old-school Ada content, you can visit those posts:

NorefjellOslo, Tromso, Viking Museum, Sculpture Park, Natural History MuseumEkebergrestauranten, and finally the very first post. I'm not going to lie. My content has come a long way since 2014, and it's somewhat odd to me that I wrote posts this long ago. However, all of these older posts definitely go to show that I am a genuine lover of Norway. Before I went in 2014, Norway seemed like a dream land to me. A place I would never be able to visit, but it is so accessible with flights out of 10 US cities. 

Oslo has always been a favorite for me and it lies between the Oslofjord and the forests. It is also a gateway to the rest of Norway and provides such a unique, authentic experience with every piece of a trip you could imagine. There's the great outdoors, city life and cultural sights, along with artsy experiences and awesome street art. Not to mention all the delicious food.

There's so many flights to Oslo and the neighboring regions. To be completely honest, I was shocked to see how affordable the flights actually were, since I've paid for quite a few that was very expensive. It is after all, a long way to go from Arizona, but there are flights from Los Angeles to Oslo on Norwegian Air that are only a couple hundred dollars!

Norwegian Air is so unique in that it offers nonstop flights (this is my favorite proposition when it comes to travel) from 10 US cities to Oslo. This means you can get into Oslo significantly quicker, and you won't be stuck in London or Germany.

Evident from my multiple trips to Norway to date, there's so many cultural attractions, Viking history, sights along the Oslofjord, and of course, the most incredible thing that comes to mind that we think of Norway: the great outdoors.

One of the best things of landing in Oslo, is that within 2 hours of landing (at the newly expanded airport by the way) you can go hiking or kayak on the fjord. Even the train ride to the city center is an adventure in and of itself. 

One of my favorite cultural highlights, was visiting the Viking Ship Museum which I visited on my first trip to Oslo. Not only is this an incredible museum, it is amazing to think that people so long ago built and engineered these incredibly sturdy ships. 

It's possible to eat local organic food in the Gudbrandsdalen region, with Lillehammer which is the site of the 1994 Winter Olympic Games. We visited this in 2015, and it was so magical to see it all covered with a layer of snow.

Oslo’s International Airport was recently named the World’s greenest airport, which represents Norway’s take on sustainable design and architecture. This extension opened April 2017. In regards to sustainability, but Norway is home to the seed vault that contains almost 1 million seeds so in case we ever needed to restart the plant growth, Norway has us covered. If you are big on sustainability and efficiency, this is the best country for you to visit because they are so far ahead of the curve. For good reason too, given the country is beautifully scenic and so well taken care of.  

I am still in need of more food experience, seeing the Lillehammer Flokk sculptures, sailing on the Lillehammer Skibladner and even attending a concert with a gorgeous mountain scene by the Rondane Mountains.

This is a photo shoot of Gudbrandsdalen valley.

I always tell everyone how much I absolutely love the country of Norway. After traveling to many countries in the past few years, no country has wow-ed and surprised me as much as Norway. Everything I've seen, done and heard has been pleasant. I cannot recommend a trip out there enough, and it's so much more affordable to fly out there.  

When are you planning your trip to Oslo and the surrounding cities?

This is a scenic shot of the Lillehammer Flokk sculptures.

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These photos are so beautiful. I have always wanted to Visit Norway. It is number two on my travel wish list.

Norway is absolutely a place I would love to visit. It is such a beautiful country and your photos are absolutely stunning. I really would love to see the Northern Lights and Norway is a great place for that!

Wow this is so amazing. I would love to visit Norway. I had no idea an airport could be green at all. Def worth a visit.

Norway is really a beautiful place. I don’t know much about your country but those awe-inspiring photos showed the wonders of the place.

I have never been to Norway but I’ve always wanted to go! There’s so much to explore and experience there! It’s simply amazing.

I’ve always wanted to go to Norway! Friends of mine who have gone say it’s gorgeous, and your photos and desperation only reminds me to put on my to-visit list! xo, Jessica

Norway looks incredible. I hope that I have the means and the time to travel later in life. I would love to go there.

I’m traveling to Iceland in November! Very excited to visit this side of the globe, and now I want to visit Norway too!