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Enjoying a Sweet Escape in Siena, Italy

This is a close up of photo of me standing in a pink shirt, with a beautiful Siena view in the background.

Enjoying a Sweet Escape in Siena, Italy

September 24, 2018

Travel is part of my DNA, and I have been on the go the past few weeks. Instagram fam knows. I went from east coast (Virginia and Maryland area) straight to Italy. During our time in Siena and Florence, we were able to work with Sweet Escape. This is an incredible service to all of you who travel a lot like me or just to those of you who want high quality photos in a new destination during your travel. Honestly, anytime we travel (especially to an incredible place like Italy) why wouldn't you get the best quality photos?

All I did was download the Sweet Escape app. Once you know your destination, you pick your continent, and then you can easily scroll through the available cities. Most likely the city or cities you'll be visiting will be available since photographers are open to traveling within their own country. Once you select your destination, you will be paired with a photographer in the area and then you will be able to communicate with the photographer via chat. The app is very dynamic, and also very easy to use. It's nice that once your photographer is assigned, you can communicate back and forth. I never had an issue using the app, which was comforting because I was traveling abroad and had to coordinate the details of the shoot beforehand of course. As long as you have a bit of a connection (WiFi or service) you should be able to work the app. I do recommend planning everything no later than the evening before, so you know your meeting place and can plan the amount of time needed to be there with a few minutes to spare. This way you get the most out fo your time with the photographer. You don't want to spend 30 minutes just trying to find each other so keep that in mind.

Of course, meeting a new photographer every time you travel may not be ideal for you but it's so much cheaper than flying out your usual photographer with you. Not to mention my experience with the photographer was incredible. She was quick, had assistance during the shoot and took some of the loveliest photos I've ever had taken of me. We didn't even skip a beat, and it seemed like we'd worked together many times before which is really nice. It also felt like I'd made an Italian friend after 30 minutes which is awesome.

Because you're a fabulous reader of my blog (thank you!) Sweet Escape would love to let you test out their services. You will receive a $50 discount + 30 extra photos for any SweetEscape bookings worldwide. So whether you're going to Japan, Hawaii, middle of Kansas, somewhere in Europe... all you have to do is enter the code "ADAATUDE" at the checkout page within the app. This will give you the discount + the bonus photos. You know I always say that you can never have too many photos so the more the merrier!

Who takes your photos while you're on holiday?

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