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Ep. 101 | Let’s Chat About Circular Beauty with Emma Lewisham

In this episode, I chat with Emma Lewisham all about circular beauty. We discuss what circular beauty is and how it sets Emma’s brand apart from her competition.

Inside This Episode:

  • What circular beauty actually is
  • How Emma Lewisham beauty differs from other skincare brands out there
  • A typical day in the life for Emma
  • Emma’s favorite (and least favorite) part of her day
  • Emma’s best piece of advice for anyone looking to start their own skincare company in the future
  • and so much more

Links Mentioned: 

Emma Lewisham Website

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About Emma Lewisham: 

Emma Lewisham, founder of New Zealand’s leading luxury sustainable beauty brand
…an idea born out of a need comes full circle
Emma Lewisham, New Zealand’s cult premium beauty brand is making waves in the industry because it embodies a new way of thinking. The seeds of Emma Lewisham eponymous brand were sown when she uncovered a product she had been using for her own personal skin concern (hyperpigmentation) contained the ingredient hydroquinone that, although effective, was questionable for people’s health and banned in non-prescriptive products in many countries. It was an industrial looking product in a white tube, which wasn’t luxurious or a joy to use. Then Emma’s doctor told her to avoid using hydroquinone if planning on getting pregnant; even more important as soon as she become pregnant.
She went looking to replace this product with a natural luxurious alternative that had scientifically-backed results – only to find it really didn’t exist. She was used to investing in luxurious crèmes and serums that were scientifically validated and wanted the equivalent efficacy but with natural sourced ingredients. She turned to skin clinics and the major beauty retailers, asking for natural products with scientific-backed results, only to be told they didn’t have what she was looking for.
During Emma’s quest, it also struck her how the beauty industry was contributing to many of the environmental issues we are facing today. The take-make-dispose of model was alarming, seeing billions of units being sent to landfill and our oceans every year and the single biggest contributor to carbon emissions. Somewhere along the way, that became an acceptable standard. This was Emma’s ‘lightbulb moment’ and fuelled her ambition to create a range that aimed to achieve three main objectives:
1. 100% naturally derived ingredients transparently and traceably sourced
2. Scientifically validated results as efficacious as the other luxury brands
3. To work towards 100% circular designed products and carbon negative business model

“I founded Emma Lewisham to make a meaningful, lasting difference in the beauty industry. We have a purpose to bring about an important and lasting difference. We prove that natural skincare doesn’t have to come at a trade-off to scientific-backed results and that sustainability and luxury can co-exist.” Says Emma
Emma’s route to beauty was not an obvious one. For the eight years up until this point, her career had been as a senior executive for a global Japanese technology company, as one of the youngest and only female executives in the world. She excelled in critical thinking, challenging the status quo for the better, problem solving the impossible, and overcoming hurdles – it was this mind-set that got her to the position she held, and ultimately into beauty.
“I decided to be the change I wanted to see in the beauty industry. I took on the challenge to redefine standards for the beauty industry and prove it was possible to produce natural skincare with scientific validated results, and to set a new sustainable standard at every step of the way. I was told often along the way, that what we were trying to do was impossible.” Continues Emma
At the beginning, this was unheard of, Emma built a team around her to concept her products, including three of the very best biochemists in New Zealand. Together, they spent three years researching, sourcing and testing the most potent and proven natural ingredients from around the globe. They worked with the latest science and innovations in the green skincare space (such as lipids, and plant stem cell technology) to outperform the most expensive products on the market, with only natural ingredients.
The product line was developed from scratch and approached natural skincare completely differently. They research extensively, think differently and challenge the status quo. Instead of using two or three ingredients, we use up to 30 high-performing natural ingredients and high concentrations to achieved the desire results, always putting the highest of quality and efficacy first. Cutting-edge natural and organic ingredients can be up to 16 times more expensive than synthetic ingredients and are significantly harder to formulate with but they never gave up in the pursuit to create natural skincare that didn’t trade off luxury or science-backed results.
After three years, and 52 iterations, Emma Lewisham entered the market in 2019 with the cult-status Skin Reset for hyperpigmentation and skin brightening, which is natural, and scientifically proven to outperform the most recognised and luxurious vitamin C and brightening products on the market.
“These result were the first confirmation that my ultimate goal of Uncompromising Skincare is not only possible, but – just maybe – the future.”
Today, Emma Lewisham proudly rivals the most recognised luxury brands in the world while being a global leader towards a circular beauty model. Emma continues to be on a mission to make a meaningful, lasting difference in the beauty industry through innovative thinking, natural, science backed products and being at the forefront of the circular beauty movement.

Despite being in the midst of a global pandemic, Emma Lewisham has successfully launched her capsule collection in the USA and now the UK. A-listers such as Georgia Fowler, Melanie Grant, Phoebe Tonkin, Lucy Williams, and Irina Shayk have already become devoted fans of the brand.

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