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Ep. 109 | Let’s Chat About Becoming a Celebrity Makeup Artist with Julia Dantas

In today’s episode, I sit down with Julia Dantas to chat about her journey to becoming a celebrity makeup artist.

Inside This Episode: 

  • Julia’s journey to becoming a celebrity makeup artist
  • How Julia had to pivot during the pandemic
  • Julia’s best advice for someone looking to go into the makeup artist industry
  • A typical day in the life for Julia
  • Julia’s favorite (and least favorite) part of her day
  • And so much more

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About Julia Dantas: 

Julia is a small-town girl with huge dreams. She has always had a deep desire to do makeup and build her own business since she was very young. Upon graduating high school, she attended Toronto’s top professional makeup college, CMU.

In 2018, she was a finalist on Kim Kardashian’s TV show, Glam Masters. From there, she went on to have a year-long contract with Burberry Beauty as their Canadian makeup ambassador. This then led her to her current venture of assisting celebrity makeup artist, Alexx Mayo for major events with Lizzo such as; the Grammy’s, the AMA’s, VMA’s, and SNL.

Today, Julia is not only one of the top professional makeup artists in Toronto, but she is also a successful content creator and educator. Julia turned her makeup experience into an education academy, and has now been teaching in-person makeup classes for the past two years. But when the pandemic hit, she knew she had to pivot.

Last summer she launched her first online course, resulting in a 6-figure launch. She is currently working on more exciting courses. At the same time, Julia is managing her own team of artists, and many brand partnerships.

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