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Ep. 119 | Let’s Chat About Filling a Gap in the Skincare Market with Rachel Edlich

In this episode, I sit down with Rachel Edlich of Radical Skincare.  We dive into why she started Radical Skincare with her sister and so much more.

Inside This Episode:

  • How Radical Skincare was created
  • How long it took for the products to go from idea to on shelves available for purchase
  • Liz’s best tip for starting your own skincare business
  • A typical day in the life for Liz
  • Liz’s favorite (and least favorite) part of her day
  • and so much more

Links Mentioned: 

Radical Skincare Website

Radical Skincare Instagram 

About Rachel Edlich: 

Rachel Edlich, President & Co-Founder of Radical Skincare, oversees and executes all aspects of the global prestige business in 17 countries and 800 retail stores since 2010. She has generated over 150 million in sales over the past 20 years through international and US prestige retail, QVC, digital marketing and just recently launched the Radical Skincare Brand Partner Program! Her daily focus is to create a community where inner self meets outer beauty. Her mission is to inspire millions through championing Radical Skincare’s turnkey opportunity to create a life full of passion, purpose, health & wealth in a way that works and supports the individual’s dreams. She is also Co-Author of “Get Radical – Secrets to Creating a life You Love”.

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