Ep. 12 | Let’s Chat About Mental Health & Being a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with Liz Light

In today’s episode, I dive deep with my good friend Liz Light on the topic of mental health and what it’s like to be a Marriage & Family Therapist.

Press play and learn more about a day in the life of Liz.

Inside this Episode: 

  • What made Liz want to become a Marriage & Family Therapist
  • What a typical day in the life looks like for Liz
  • How Liz deals with the day-to-day struggles with her patients
  • Liz’s best tips for calming someone down in a stressful situation
  • Why utilizing positive reinforcement is the best policy
  • The different types of reinforcements you can use
  • How Liz is able to balance and separate her work and life without taking work home with her
  • The protocol for after-hours concerns with Liz’s clients
  • Why each client has their own personalized safety plan from the get-go
  • A little about Liz’s summer camp experience with her clients
  • How Liz deals with negativity during public outings during summer camp
  • Liz’s favorite thing about being a therapist
  • Liz’s least favorite thing about being a therapist
  • Why everyone can benefit from therapy
  • How Liz maintains such a close bond with her family
  • Why it’s so important to give people grace at all times

If you want to reach out to Liz, feel free to email her at

Liz’s Bio: 

Liz is a licensed marriage and family therapy who works in an intensive therapy program with kids and teens. She has also been friends with Adaleta since the 3rd grade!