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Ep. 14 | Let’s Chat About Social Distancing & Tik Tok

In today’s solo chat, I’m chatting about a mix of topics like social distancing, how much I miss traveling, and diving deep into my newest social media obsession, Tik Tok.

Listen along and learn more about why I love Tik Tok and why you should check it out too.

Inside this Episode: 

  • A little about the current social distancing situation and what I’m up to during this time
  • Why I miss traveling so much and how I can’t wait to jet-set off to my next destination once this is all over
  • What I’ve been up to on Tik Tok lately and how I’m switching things up a bit there
  • Why we shouldn’t just copy all of the trends on Tik Tok
  • Why now is the time to get on Tik Tok
  • Why I prefer Tik Tok over YouTube these days