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Ep. 15 | Let’s Chat About Working in the Tourism Marketing Industry

In today’s show, I chat with one of my best friends Kelly Genzman all about what it’s like to be in the tourism industry. We also dive a little into her faith and how she navigates her journey with God.

In This Episode: 

  • A little about the Tuscon landscape and all the wildlife that inhabits our amazing city
  • What a DMO (destination marketing organization) is
  • How Kelly’s tourism clients are fairing with the COVID pandemic and pivoting during this time
  • How the tourism industry will differ once the social distancing situation is resolved
  • Why paid marketing in tourism will be huge once the US is back up and running again
  • How the way certain states have handled the lockdown situation may affect their tourism
  • The destinations that Kelly thinks have done a great job at pivoting their content during this uncertain time
  • What Kelly did before tourism
  • How to go about finding a destination to travel to
  • A little about Kelly’s faith and how she remains so strong in her faith
  • Kelly’s favorite passage from the Bible
  • How Kelly’s faith keeps her grounded

Kelly’s Bio: 

Kelly Genzman was raised in Tuscon, Arizona and ended up going to the University of Arizona. She now works in the tourism world but dipped her toes in art sales for a local Tuscon artist and also went into the real estate world for a bit. Tourism has become her passion and something she enjoys dearly. She also recently got married and still lives in Tuscon with her husband and two puppies.

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