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Ep. 16 | Let’s Chat About Being a Jewelry Designer with Jasmine Penna

In today’s episode, I chat with Jasmine Penna of Congés all about what it’s like to be a jewelry designer.

We dive deep into the full process from sourcing to creation to selling the final product.

Press play and learn more about what it takes to become a jewelry designer.

In This Episode: 

  • How Jasmine first got into jewelry
  • What Jasmine did before she got into the jewelry business
  • How Jasmine comes up with her designs for her jewelry
  • What all goes into the jewelry design process
  • A typical day in the life for Jasmine
  • The difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes
  • The one thing that Jasmine doesn’t enjoy doing in her business
  • Why Jasmine loves attending trunk shows for inspiration
  • The importance of putting in the time and effort to build your brand
  • The different things Jasmine keeps in mind when designing

Jasmine’s Bio: 

At eleven, the Los Angeles native recalls being mesmerized by her grandmother’s work in the fashion industry. Hours passed in the small and hot Hollywood apartment as she watched her grandmother finish an evening gown for an award show. Much like her mentor, Hasmig “Jasmine” Penna got lost in the world of adornments and tulle and determined that day, she too would be a designer.

Alongside her grandmother through beginner kits and pillow design, Penna learned how to bring materials to life. Over the years, she honed her skills with the reconstruction of vintage clothing and accessories. For her twenty-fifth birthday, she designed a ring, which was commissioned by her uncle. Much like her clothing, this piece of jewelry also told a story—her story.

A graduate of Fashion Institute of Design Merchandising, Penna received a degree in business and product development and studied everything from textile and product development to personal shopping and styling. Upon graduation, she took a trend forecasting position in footwear with ACI, which ignited her passion for footwear construction. As a Footwear Line Builder at Report/Topline Footwear, Penna traveled overseas, where she pocketed influence from the landscapes, cultures, and people.

A survivor of meningitis and a diabetic since the age of fifteen, Penna worked for various companies until given equal opportunity through Obama Care to start her own business. Congés transpired while Penna was in Bora Bora on her honeymoon. The fine jewelry collection embodies the confluence of all forces and experiences of Penna’s life and helps enhance courage, self-awareness, discovery, and healing.

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