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Ep. 21 | Let’s Chat About Living on a Boat and Female Empowerment with Whitney Powell

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Whitney Powell about how her unique upbringing has shaped her views, all things female empowerment, and lots more.

Stay tuned to be inspired and empowered by her story!

Inside this episode:

  • Why Whitney decided to return to the corporate world
  • How Whitney continues to manage her blog Whit Wanders as an additional income stream
  • How a past experience in a toxic corporate environment impacted Whitney
  • What growing up on a boat was like for Whitney
  • How world travel changes your perspective 
  • Why it’s important to get out and vote
  • How sharing your voice can make an impact
  • The impact of social media on politics 
  • How Whitney is inspiring other women
  • And so much more!

Whitney’s Bio:

Whitney inspires the modern woman with fashion, travel, and career tips! She lives in Seattle, WA, and loves to share her wanderings. Her goal is to inspire and empower.

Links Mentioned: 

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