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Ep. 24 | Let’s Chat About the Injustice in the World Right Now

Last week was a tough one in America and I am so saddened by recent events. I’m not one to be quiet, especially during times like these, so I wanted to share a quick episode on the importance of using your voice and standing as an ally with black people and the injustice happening in America right now.

In Today’s Episode: 

  • The importance of using your voice in the world and spreading love 
  • My story of coming from Bosnia during the genocide in the early 90’s
  • We can’t control what race we are and we shouldn’t allow for this injustice to continue to occur 
  • Why it’s important to figure out the best way we can move forward as a society 
  • Why we need to stop living in a false reality as a society 
  • Why if you’re not saying something – you’re a part of the problem

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