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Ep. 26 | Let’s Chat About What It’s Like to be a Freelance Writer + TV Show Host with Amanda Lauren

I am super stoked to get to talk to Amanda Lauren today! Amanda has her hands in so many different pots and does really well at all of it – a little interior design, a lot of writing, YouTube, her new course, and everything in between. This episode really packs a punch because Amanda shares so much with us. Girl, do not miss this!


We Discuss:

  • A little bit about Amanda’s new course with Jen Jaden about being your own publicist 
  • The importance of PR as an influencer
  • Amanda’s line of art with Art Sugar 
  • What a typical day looks like for Amanda
  • All of Amanda’s current business ventures and where she wants to grow
  • Using vision boards for your business and life
  • What it takes to become an influencer from Amanda and Adaleta’s perspective 
  • How Amanda keeps her life and business organized 
  • And so much more! 


Links Mentioned: 

Amanda on IG: @AmandaLauren

Amanda on Twitter: @AmandaLauren

Amanda’s collection at Art Sugar

 Amanda’s Course: Pitch Please

Amanda’s website 


Amanda’s Bio: 

I’m a writer, among other things, who lives in Los Angeles with my husband and our two dogs, Lulu and Milo. You might have come here after reading my articles on other sites such as Mashable, LA Weekly, The Kitchn, She Knows, After Party Magazine, Ravishly, Your Tango, The Gloss, Cheat Sheet, Huff Po, No Tofu, Psychology Today or Salon or a whole bunch of others. I’ve written about so many topics I call myself a “Jackie of All Trades. Marilyn of None™.” It’s Amanda Lauren is my home to write freely about all the things I love, whether it’s style, beauty or my obsession with décor.