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Ep. 29 | Let’s Chat About Being a Beauty Influencer and #SephoraSquad with Sarah Bryant

I had the pleasure of meeting Sarah last year on a brand trip and I am really happy to bring her on the show today!  Sarah is one of the launch partners for #SephoraSquad and we get to chat all about that. We also chat about some of the behind the scenes secrets of being a beauty influencer. Sarah brought so much energy and made this episode incredible! Be sure to listen and subscribe <3


Inside This Episode:


  • How & why Sarah became a beauty influencer
  • What a typical day looks like for Sarah
  • How Sarah uses self hypnosis in her daily life
  • Staying connected to your followers on social as an influencer
  • Sarah’s new Patreon for mindfulness and meditation
  • And so much more!



Links Mentioned: 


Sarah’s podcast: Work Hard, Play Hard

Sarah’s blog: Sarah LouWho

Sarah’s YouTube channel

Connect with Sarah on Facebook and IG (@sarah_louwho)

Hypnosis book: Close Your Eyes and Get Free

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