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Ep. 30 | Let’s Chat About Being a Podcaster and Fatherhood with Brett Montgomery

I got the pleasure of having Brett Montogmery from The Open Mic Podcast on the show today! We chat all about podcasting and life as a co-parent for Brett. Brett shares some really good advice for starting your own podcast that you will not want to miss if that is on your radar! Sit back and enjoy, friend. 


Inside This Episode:


  • A little bit about the podcast industry and what it looks like to host a show
  • Tips and encouragement for starting your own podcast
  • Brett’s role in the world of wine
  • What co-parenting looks like for Brett
  • And so much more!



Links Mentioned: 

Brett’s podcast: The Open Mic Podcast with Brett Allan

Brett’s Twitter: @BrettsOpenMic

Brett’s IG: @BrettsOpenMic

Brett’s FB: Brett Allan

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