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Ep. 42 | Let’s Chat About Going From Fashion Industry to Full Time Influencer with Lillian Babaian

I am really excited to share today’s episode with you – I am chatting with content creator Lillian Babaian! As most of you know, I love fashion and really enjoy anytime I get to talk to someone in the industry. Lillian brought such wonderful energy to the show today! 

We discuss things like designing for Fashion Week, Lillian’s career evolution inside the fashion industry, and so much more! Lillian also shares her tips and tricks for rocking fabulous and healthy hair. Stick around to the end where Lillian gives us her life hacks on positivity and motivation! 

Enjoy this episode and share with your fashion-loving bestie! 

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Inside This Episode:

  • Lillian’s start in the fashion world
  • How the fashion industry has evolved 
  • A little behind the scenes of being a fashion designer
  • Fashion tips from Lillian 
  • Lillian’s style as a design and her inspiration 
  • What a typical day looks like for Lillian
  • Lillian’s love for travel and family 
  • Lillian’s tips for gorgeous and healthy hair 
  • Encouraging words on motivation and positivity
  • And so much more! 

Links Mentioned:

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Lillian on Twitter: @LillianBabaian

IG: @lillianbabaian

TikTok: @lillianbabaian