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Ep. 48 | Let’s Chat About Being a Published Author with Kristin Giese

Welcome back to the Get An Adaatude Podcast! 

Today, I am sitting down with talent manager, producer, and author Kristin Giese. We chat all about Kristin’s new book Unverified, her career evolution, and so much more. Kristin shows up authentically through her business, her writing, and her life! She shares some insight with us on what writing a book looks like and how she found the balance to add writing into her already busy schedule. Kristin gives us a little sneak peek into the future of a screenplay for Unverified and other things she is working on inside her business. Towards the end of the episode we dive into the reality of “reality television.” 

I really enjoyed my time with Kristin and absolutely love her book! It’s definitely a page-turner – you won’t be able to sit it down either! 

If you do buy the book, I would love to chat with you about it over on IG, you’ll find me @getanadaatudepodcast or @adaatude

Inside This Episode:

  • Kristin’s creative process around writing her book
  • The evolution of Kristin’s career and professional passions
  • Advice from Kristin on finding balance in life and doing what serves you 
  • Insight on writing a book and how it looked like for Kristin
  • How Kristin typically runs her day
  • Some exclusive sneak peek’s on what’s next for Kristin
  • A little behind the scenes of reality television
  • And so much more! 

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Kristin on IG: @allmoxie & @bizbehaviorist

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