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Ep. 49 | Let’s Chat About Being Multi-Passionate and Owing a Product Based Business

I am so glad you are back for another episode! Today, I am sitting down with Arianny Celeste, one of the longest standing octagon girls for UFC. My fiance and I are huge UFC fans so I really enjoyed this conversation. Arianny shares a little about raising money to provide medical-grade masks to first responders during the pandemic. She also gives us the behind the scenes of how she started her business, Girlfriend Box. We also chat about our mutual love for fitness and how things have changed since gyms have reopened! 

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Inside This Episode:

  • How Arianny got her start with UFC 
  • The effects COVID has had on UFC 
  • Arianny’s philanthropic efforts during the COVID pandemic 
  • Using your influence to make an impact
  • What a typical day looks like for Arianny 
  • A little bit about Arianny’s subscription box – Girlfriend Box
  • How Arianny works fitness and nutrition into her life 
  • And so much more! 

Links Mentioned: 

Girlfriend Box

Girlfriend Box on IG

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