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Ep. 51 | Let’s Chat About Being the CEO of a Beauty Brand with Conor Riley

This is an episode that I am really excited to share with you! I am chatting with Conor Riley, CEO of Luxie beauty brushes. Conor and I talk about everything from taking a stand on social issues as a brand to how often you should clean your makeup brushes! 

Luxie is a makeup brush company and the first to create a vegan, cruelty free, professional makeup tool. Conor shares with us about what it has been like to expand Luxie into other countries.I absolutely love not only the products they offer but also the brand mission and willingness to take a stand while giving back to the community! 

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Inside This Episode:  

  • What taking a stand on social issues as a brand looks like at Luxie
  • Multiple hows that Luxie is giving back to the community 
  • A little bit about Conor’s career journey 
  • Why Conor enjoys working in the beauty industry so much
  • What it takes to become a global beauty brand
  • How a typical day may look for Conor 
  • Advice from Conor to busy listeners
  • The importance of self care for people who multitask 
  • Bringing authenticity to the world 
  • Conor’s recommendations on cleaning your makeup brushes 
  • And so much more! 

Links Mentioned:

Luxie on IG: @luxiebeauty

About The Guest:

Driven, bold, and an out-of-the-box thinker, Conor Riley started his first company at the age of twenty: an event-based marketing company in Modesto, CA. Riley soon established himself in the finance world, becoming a founding partner of tech-focused, boutique venture capital fund Obsidian Partners. Shortly thereafter in 2008, he served as a founding partner of White Stable Ventures, a private equity fund focused on manufacturing and transportation investments. 

Riley immersed himself in sailing life; scuba diving, learning new languages, and enjoying traveling the world. In 2018, Riley stepped into the world of beauty as an investor and adviser for LUXIE Beauty. A year later he took on the position of CEO at LUXIE to reposition the brand for global distribution. 


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