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Ep. 55 | Let’s Chat About TikTok with Victoria Jameson-Krath

Welcome back to another episode of the Get An Adaatude Podcast! Today I am chatting with Victoria Jameson all about TikTok and what it is like being a coach. 

Victoria is not only an influencer and content creator but she is also a coach to other influencers. She helps other content creators grow their influence through TikTok. Victoria used TikTok to grow her IG following by 100,000 in just one month – that is incredible! Now she is sharing all of her tips, tricks, and secrets with her coaching clients.

I really love using TikTok and enjoy creating content there! In this episode, Victoria shares a lot of insight about growing your online influence with TikTok and other helpful tips. 

You can find me on TikTok at: @adaatude

Inside This Episode:

  • How Victoria grew her own influence on TikTok 
  • Using TikTok to grow your Instagram following 
  • The differences between TikTok and Vine
  • A little bit about sound sponsorships 
  • Creating relatability with your audience through video 
  • What a typical day looks like for Victoria as a coach and influencer
  • What is next for Victoria’s business
  • And so much more! 

Links Mentioned:

Victoria’s Podcast: TikTalk Radio

Victoria’s Blog

Victoria on TikTok: @victoria

Victoria on IG: @victoriajameson

Victoria on YouTube: Victoria Jameson

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