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Ep. 56 | Let’s Chat About the Current State of the World with Tom Cridland

I am glad you are back for another episode! Today I am chatting with Tom Cridland all about everything from sustainable fashion to politics in the media! 

Tom has such a breath of fresh air about him. I really enjoyed chatting with him and getting to know him – I hope you enjoy it as well! 

Tom wears a lot of hats in his professional life, from singer and songwriter to fashion designer. Tom has his own sustainable clothing line that offers a 30 year guarantee on most of the pieces. 

I love talking with people all over the world and Tom brings his own perspective to the show, which I greatly appreciate. Enjoy friend! 

Inside This Episode:

  • A little bit about Tom’s professional journey as a singer, songwriter, and fashion designer
  • How Tom got his start in sustainable fashion
  • The need for long term sustainability in the US
  • Polarizing politics in the news media 
  • What a typical day looks like for Tom
  • And so much more! 

Links Mentioned:

Tom’s Podcast: Greatest Music of All Time

Tom’s 30 Year Clothing Line

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