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Ep. 61 | Let’s Chat About Owning a Niche Business with Arda Tashdjian

Welcome back to the show! On today’s episode, I am chatting with Arda Tashdjian about her business, Little Lady Products, and how she runs her business with her kids. Little Lady Products, offering nail polishes that are vegan, cruelty-free, and kid-approved. Inspired by Tashdjian’s own kids, Little Lady Products offers a safer mani-pedi in a spectrum of long-lasting, quick-dry colors and “matching” scents. 

Arda has such a positive outlook on life and truly loves her business. Towards the end of the episode she shares some inspiring tips to anyone with a dream to start their own business. I enjoyed getting to know Arda and learn more about her business – I hope you do as well. Can’t wait to try these polishes for myself!

Inside This Episode:

  • The inspiration behind Arda’s business Little Lady Products
  • A little bit about Arda’s background in the beauty manufacturing industry
  • Some sneak peeks into the future of Arda’s brand
  • How Arda involves her kids in her business 
  • Highlights from Arda’s typical day 
  • Entrepreneurial advice from Adra
  • And much more! 

Links Mentioned:

Little Lady Products

Little Lady Products on IG

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