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Ep. 68 | Let’s Chat About Toxic Diet Culture with Natalia Loren Blassio

In this episode, I sit down with Natalia Loren Blassio to chat all about toxic diet culture.

Grab your favorite drink and get caught up!

In This Episode: 

  • What inulin is and why both Ada and Natalia love it
  • Natalia’s journey through dieting
  • Why diet culture can be so toxic
  • How learning more about hormone health impacted our life
  • The differences between belly fat
  • The importance of going outside and getting vitamin D
  • Why cleanses and detox teas can be harmful
  • How society pressures the younger generation so much and how we can help our children stray away from it
  • How our families opinions of us can be impactful

Links Mentioned: 

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