Episode 7 | Let’s Chat About Influencer Marketing, Press Relations, & Beauty with Sarah Brovda

In this episode, I chat with Sarah Brovda all about influencer marketing, press relations, and beauty. 

In This Episode:

  • Sarah’s journey through the PR side of the beauty industry
  • How Sarah ended up at Wander Beauty
  • What a day in the life looks like for Sarah
  • How Wander Beauty comes up with their influencer mailers
  • How Wander vets their influencer pitches and what types of details they’re looking for from their pitches
  • Why it’s important to organically mention brands before pitching yourself
  • Why giving value is so key as an influencer
  • Why one-off influencer campaigns are not the best use of a brand’s time
  • Sarah’s favorite part about being in the influencer marketing world on the brand side
  • One thing Sarah wishes she didn’t have to do every day
  • A passion project that Sarah is wanting to pursue


Sarah Brovda has more than 7 years of experience in public relations, communications, and social media in the beauty industry. Prior to her current role as Senior Integrated Marketing Manager at Wander Beauty, Sarah worked at MAC Cosmetics and Farsali, working on everything from celebrity cosmetic collections to influencer relations. In her free time, you can find her writing at or reorganizing her Sephora-like beauty collection.


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