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Ep. 71 | Let’s Chat About Working in the Tourism Industry with Logan Hildebrand

In today’s episode, I chat with Logan Hildebrand all about the tourism industry, cocktails and foodie, books, and so much more.

In This Episode: 

  • Why Kansas isn’t a state you should pass up on visiting
  • How Logan decided to go into the tourism industry
  • How the tourism industry has been hit during COVID-19
  • How Logan sees the tourism industry recovering from this
  • Why Logan decided to start a cocktail and foodie Instagram
  • How Logan is continuing to create content during the pandemic
  • Logan’s current favorite cocktail and food item
  • Logan’s favorite restaurant in the Topeka area
  • What a typical day in the life is like for Logan
  • Logan’s favorite genre of books and what she’s currently reading

Links Mentioned: 

Logan’s Instagram 

Visit Topeka

Travel Kansas Website 

About Logan Hildebrand: 

Foodie, cocktail, & travel aficionado with a love for coffee, books, the outdoors, and rainy days. Small town Kansas native with a passion to show others just what the state can offer. Marketing guru by day and night, with emphasis in tourism and the world of adult beverages.

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