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Ep. 77 | Let’s Chat About Creating a Powerful Brand with Christina Pollack

In this episode, I chat with Christina Pollack, the creator of Inspiring Brands Academy all about what it takes to create a powerful brand and her new course, Inspiring Brands Academy.

Inside This Episode:

  • How Christina got started with her blog, Inspirations and Celebrations
  • Christina’s vast experience in both the online business industry and the retail business industry
  • What Inspiring Brands Academy is all about and what content it includes
  • The importance of not putting all of your eggs in one basket when it come to social media
  • Why we should only focus on tasks that actually move the needle in our business
  • Why Christina is so big on female empowerment

Links Mentioned: 

Inspirations and Celebrations Blog

Inspiring Brands Academy 

About Christina Pollack:

Christina-Lauren Pollack is a digital entrepreneur, the pro lifestyle blogger and influencer behind Inspirations & Celebrations, and the creator of Inspiring Brands Academy (which is launching a new online course for female small business owners in 2021).

On a mission to educate and empower women, Christina loves to share inspiration and information with her fans. Since launching her blog-turned-biz in 2011, she has amassed an audience of over 300,000 followers and subscribers, has been seen on and in the press, and has worked with over 300 leading brands on digital campaigns.

Since 2003, she’s managed the operations of her family’s company, Creative Balloons Mfg. Inc., (a worldwide manufacturer & wholesaler of balloons and party supplies). The company is a approved supplier to companies like McDonald’s, Amazon, Karl Lagerfeld, and other brands, and does both B2B and B2C sales via traditional and e-commerce business.

In 2008, she was a Co-Founder & Angel Investor of WorldMusicLink™, a tech startup that built a music industry social network. The platform connected thousands of music industry pros (record labels, producers, and agents, etc.) with indie talent (singers, songwriters, musicians, etc.). The Board was led by music industry leaders including the former Chairman & CEO of Sony Records, the former Editor-in-Chief of Billboard Magazine, a top music festival producer, and other executives.

In 2020, she took on a new role as an online educator, as she is passionate about helping female small business owners succeed.

As the Creator of Inspiring Brands Academy™, her mission is to provide small businesses with digital branding solutions, social media marketing, advertising and publicity strategies, and inspiring ideas that help them elevate their brands online.

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