Episode 8 | Let’s Chat About What’s On My Mind

In today’s episode, I’m chatting solo style about a variety of things that are currently on my mind.

Tune in and learn more about my current happenings.

Inside this Episode: 

  • Why I absolutely love Mondays
  • How politics are becoming ingrained in the influencer marketing space
  • The importance of having an open mind when it comes to real and raw topics
  • Why I have been spending more time on Tik Tok lately
  • More about my sticker pack with Annotated Audrey 
  • The great debate – paper versus digital planners
  • A brand I have been loving lately – Boutique Minimaliste
  • A little about dessert wines
  • Why I have been trying different CBD oils lately and what my current favorite is

Links Mentioned: 

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