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Ep. 80 | Let’s Chat About Running a Business with Your BFF with Emily DiDonato

In today’s episode, I chat with Emily DiDonato, one of the founders of Covey Skincare about running a business with her bff, balancing Covey and modeling, and so much more.

In This Episode:

  • Emily’s story with moving to New York City and what prompted her move there
  • How Emily juggles her modeling career and new skincare business, Covey
  • How the pandemic allowed more time to focus on Covey
  • Why Emily decided to create a skincare brand
  • Why having a simple skincare routine became the reason for Covey
  • How Emily and Christina started Covey together
  • How they decided on the 3 products Covey was going to launch with
  • How they decided on the product packaging
  • What a typical day is like for Emily
  • Emily’s favorite (and least favorite) part of every day
  • and so much more!

Links Mentioned: 

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Emily’s Instagram

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