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Episode 9 | Let’s Chat About Podcasting, Politics, & Self-Censorship

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Eric Hunley of the Unstructured Podcast all about podcasting, politics, and self-censorship.

Press play and dive deep into more real and raw topics today.

Inside this Episode: 

  • Why podcasting all about the audience and crafting quality content for them
  • How Eric got into podcasting
  • How much time Eric spends vetting his guests before they come on the show
  • What Eric does for his day job
  • How long it takes Eric to edit his episodes
  • Why leaving in some ums in a podcast makes the conversation more authentic
  • What Eric’s favorite part about podcasting is
  • Why being able to talk about real topics is so important
  • Why we should be more open to other people’s thoughts and opinions
  • How to convert your social media followers into podcast listeners

Eric’s Bio: 

Eric Hunley is forging his path in unstructured interview-style podcasts, as the host of the Unstructured Podcast. Not surprisingly, his podcast formula is now being followed by many other fellow podcasters. The unstructured podcast traditionally has a gambit of unique podcast guests, that are sourced from all corners of the globe. Eric Hunley has created well over a hundred interview styled podcasts in less than nine months. His unrelenting professionalism, detail orientated research, and smooth delivery as a host serves as an inspiration to many. New podcasters and seasoned professionals often seek out his knowledge and advice when it comes to the business of podcasting.

Eric’s previous experience as an instructor at the University of Arizona has helped cement his reputation as an educator. His position opened many doors for him and has begun to lead to further speaking opportunities. He often draws on his many years of experience as an athlete, marathon runner, coach and university lecturer. Eric Hunley is predominantly self-taught and he understands that his students have the ability to absorb any skill with the right kind of guidance. As such he is beginning to mentor new podcasters. Who are looking to get on the fast track so that they can successfully build their podcasting careers.

He has also been developing the systems and frameworks needed to deliver a fully comprehensive interview podcast and fast-tracking the guest research process. Eric Hunley is the author of three books and is currently working on his forth book. The book is titled “Interview Podcasting: Find Your Voice and Increase Your Authority.” You can find a list of shows that feature Eric Hunley’s podcast appearances here. Eric Hunley is married to Leslie Smail and happily living in Hampton, Virginia, USA.

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