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Ep. 99 | Let’s Chat About Building Your Dream Team with Allison Todd

In today’s episode, I sit down with Allison Todd of Simar Inc to chat all about teams.

We dive deeper into how you know when it’s time to hire, behind the scenes of Allison’s hiring process, and so much more.

Inside This Episode:

  • How Allison got started in the online space
  • How to know when it’s time to make your first hire
  • Why hiring friends and family is usually not the answer
  • Allison’s hiring process and why it works for her
  • A typical day in the life for Allison
  • Allison’s favorite (and least favorite) part of her day

Links Mentioned: 

Allison’s Instagram

Allison’s Website

Simar Inc Website 

About Allison Todd:

Allison Todd helps micropreneurs scale their teams and their profits through operations and digital marketing strategies. She is an accomplished executive with more than 20 years invested in managing businesses, building brands, and coaching executives.

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