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Estée Lauder Newness

You know I love me some new makeup, right?

Now I’ve been turned onto the new Estée Lauder collection because of all the beauty bloggers and YouTubers chatting away about their favorite shade from this new lipstick collection… so I figured I’d have to give this new line of lippies a go.
The lipsticks are lovely. These are the new Pure Color Envy Matte Sculpting Lipsticks. They’re creamy, rich in moisture, vibrant and just feel like absolute silk on the lips. Now don’t get me wrong, they’re not matte like the liquid lipsticks that you have trouble removing at the end of the day, but they do have some good lasting stay power (couple of hours.) However, they won’t stick on your lips through all of your shenanigans so make sure to throw this adorable lipstick into your clutch or purse for the evening because you’ll want to reapply this bad boy on your lippie lips. I’ve got the shade ‘Vengeful Red’ and ‘Carnal.’ Muah!

I honestly will not rave too much about the eyeliner, but it’s the best eyeliner I’ve ever used in my life. Little Black Liner they call it and it is in-freakin’-credible! Bold statements, people, bold statements! It’s two-sided, you get an ultra thin side to get your tight line in check and you get the thick and thin side that’s that’s separated by which side of the brush you use. Genius if you ask me. The thin side creates the classic thin liner and the thick side is going to give you more of that dramatic thick liner. Having said all of those, it’s clear that this single liner gives you three options: thick, thin or ultra-fine. I tend to go for the ultra-fine but no matter how good the product is my hand will always slip and create a thicker line which now doesn’t look so horrendously ridiculous because I’m using the thinnest liner tip. Make sure to shake the liner before each use because this gets the product to the very tips of the brushes and allows for easier more efficient use. 

Because I spent so much $$ for those three products, I got a goodie bag (as always) and a full size tube of one of their newest mascaras. I choose the most popular one which happens to be the Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara. It does wonders for the lashes even without me curling my lashes beforehand which is a big ole plus for yours truly. We’re all rushing in the morning and we do not have time for additional steps. This is a flick and go mascara and doesn’t require unreasonable amounts of coats either so I’m a fan.

All in all, I’m quite pleased with my purchases and I’m dabbling with Estée Lauder again and I have to admit that the quality has improved significantly over the past few years. What products do you have Estée?

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That’s a really good question and it comes down to a few things 1) Quality of the lipstick is a big part of it to be quite honest b/c if it’s a drippy low quality formula, it will bleed no matter what you do and no matter if you complete all the steps 2) Lip liner is always a safe bet if you’re uncertain about the quality of the lipstick and don’t know if you’ll have lipstick outside your lip line. This also helps keep the lipstick on for longer. Some lipsticks market themselves with no lip liners like Tom Ford and that’s because the formula will stick to your lips and is matte 3) The formula also is dependent on how slippy the lipstick is. Lipsticks on the more sheer side (non-matte) will likely move around the lips more than a matte lipstick will 4) I also like to apply a dab of powder to the lipstick if I’m wanting it to last a few hours (evening event, date, etc) because that’ll also help set it in place 5) Lastly, if you use a face primer make sure to get some of that primer sprayed on your lips too. It helps! xx

I’ve heard so much about Estee Lauder makeup these days and am pretty curious to try out their new collection! My mother has been religiously using Estee Lauder skincare products since she was young and although their skincare products work wonder, their makeup had definitely not been the best out there for the past few years. It looks like they have reformulated a lot of their makeup products though so I will be giving them a try to see if they are any different from before! <3

Jacqueline | Sail Away to Neverland ♡

Hi Jacqueline! I definitely hear ya on that b/c I know the skincare has always been pretty amazing and on point, BUT the makeup has been subpar in the past. I was pleasantly surprised to try four new products and really love each of them! They have reformulated their products which is awesome xx

Ok, I need that liner ASAP!!! How amazing that you can use it for 3 different looks/purposes!! And those lippies look beyond fabulous!! I don’t like the one’s that over dry my lips so I think these might be perfect!

xo, Christina

Fashion & Frills

You know me…instigator #1 for all of you gals. You really do need the liner & the lipsticks are amazing too. Creamy & luscious! xx

Seriously! He just said “you get a free mascara” and I choose the most popular one he recommended & it was a FULL size…mind blown! & totally not complaining b/c I was contemplating buying it on my own :-O I got lucky! xx

Agreed & it’s what attracted me to the new collection. All of the colors were vibrant and beautiful in their own right! xx

I agree! You always need a good deep red, but also an orange reddish shade too. You also need every other shade of red in between 😉 spoken like a true hoarder! xx

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