Exclusive Collaboration with Congés #Congésadaatude

This is a vertical shot of me holding the Conges Marquee Collection Charm, part of a collaboration between adaatude and Conges.

Exclusive Collaboration with Congés #Congésadaatude

August 20, 2019

If you’ve been around for a while, you know I’ve always been a fan of beautiful, quality jewelry. I’ve admired  Congés pieces for a while, and have been carrying around their stones and crystals with me. They’re meant to help spark creativity, optimism, motivation and I’ve definitely felt the effects. In addition to these amazing stones and crystals, Congés creates stunning, delicate, meaningful pieces. When it comes to jewelry, it’s always the more dainty finer pieces that seem to attract my attention.

During one of my recent trips to LA, I was so excited to meet Jasmine, the creator, and owner of Congés. After chatting for several hours, she offered me the opportunity to collaborate on a piece with Congés. Can you imagine!? The ultimate dream



Meaningful jewelry is something that I love investing in because it tells a story and typically, lasts so long you can pass it on to your daughters, nieces and younger family members. I love being able to spark conversation over something that’s both beautiful and purposeful, so I always keep that in mind when I’m creating content and deciding to partner with brands I love.

The charm we’ve created is a two-sided coin, made of 14-carat yellow or rose gold, and a custom stone. While coins are typically used for currency, they’re said to offer good energy in confidence of spiritual guidance. When carried close to the heart, they serve as a reminder for self-growth and empowerment. When it comes to my life story - coming from Bosnia to the United States as a refugee in the early 90s - and now being able to have my own business, it really comes full circle because I am all about self-empowerment. 

Leave your “Marqué” on the world with The Marqué Collection Self-empowerment Coin charm, the newest collaboration from Congés Fine Jewelry and self-made influencer Adaleta Avdić - also known as yours truly. Accentuating the beauty of perspective through the energy of nature and power of thoughts, Congés Designer Hasmig “Jasmine” Penna artfully pairs elemental earth stones and precious metals in a sustainable, environmentally conscious collection made in the heart of Los Angeles with the highest attention to quality and detail. The latest addition to the Congés Marqué Collection, The Coin celebrates a “Congés adaatude” of believing in yourself, following your dreams, and living in a space of empowerment.

Emblazoned on its back is the simple French phrase, “+ aujord’hui -qu’hier,” which translates into: “more today than yesterday” 

The meaning behind the charm really stuck with me, so Jasmine and I knew we had to come together for this particular piece. One side is made up of four quadrants that symbolize the importance of personal growth, and the other serves as a reminder of gratitude, for all you have learned on your unique journey. I am also a person who loves thanking everyone around me and giving credit where credit is due. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and I know that my current success is due to a lot of people who have helped me and worked with me in the past. A “medicine wheel”, with four icons. Each of these images has a deeper meaning for me as they resistlessly represent spirituality, growth, and abundance. 

You’ll see an acorn in one of the quadrants, I learned a lot more about its significance during this design process. Did you guys know acorns symbolize courage, prosperity, spirituality, and strength? It’s no wonder squirrels love them so much! The heart serves as a reminder of all the love each of us needs to flourish, while the music note demonstrates a universal love language of melody and song. In the final quadrant, a ladybug, to bring luck and abundance, and a reminder to live fearlessly, full of euphoria. Lady bugs have always been my favorite and my mom always hoped for lady bugs to flock to me as a young girl, because it was good luck.

It’s lightweight, weighing 3.8g, which makes it so versatile. I added it to a bracelet, various necklace chains, even a wallet or keychain.

While we are all on different walks of life, this charm is a beautiful reminder of all things wonderful. We designed this charm to enlighten your journey, no matter what, or where it takes you, and to bring you immense joy in whatever way you choose to wear.

Be sure to shop the charm here and tag me in your photos rocking it, whether it’s on a keyring, bracelet, or necklace. You know I want to see your photos and how you’re living your life with a #CongésAdaatude


This luxurious coin charm comes in rose gold or yellow gold and retails for $690. If you have a bracelet, necklace chain or wallet you want to add it to, you'll only want to snag the charm. However if you want to grab a chain, you do have a 19 inch option in 14k rose gold or 14k yellow gold chain. Not to mention if you're a bracelet fanatic, you can pick 7 inch rose or yellow gold to place the charm on a bracelet. I used a gold bracelet I already had in my collection as well as one of many gold chains I had. The options come with diamond, blue sapphire or a ruby so you can really make this charm your very own. 


Self Empowerment Yellow Gold Coin Charm $690

Self Empowerment Rose Gold Coin Charm $690

Yellow Gold Necklace (19") $490

Rose Gold Necklace (19") $490

Yellow Gold Bracelet (7") $312 

Rose Gold Bracelet (7") $312 


I've been so excited about partnership with Congés, not only for their incredibly beautiful and luxurious craftsmanship in pieces, but because Jasmine and the beliefs behind the jewelry is so powerful. What a dream to create this luxury piece together, with so much meaning and self empowerment behind it. Which do you prefer? Yellow or rose gold? I myself am a yellow gold girl at the moment!