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Exploring Melbourne Beach & Others

We explored the Melbourne Beaches area as they are a large part of the Space Coast.

After some exploring throughout the area and some lunch, we decided to go for an airboat ride.

This was my first time on an airboat ride and it was pretty awesome. There are a few things I need to warn you about because they took me by surprise. 1) The boat is loud as hell and we didn’t get anything to cover our ears so either bring some ear plugs of your own or be prepared for an excruciatingly loud sound for 30 mins+  2)There’s critters everywhere. Some end up in the boat and if you’re sitting in the front row, they end up on your face and legs so wearing pants and sunglasses is ideal 3) If your driver goes over tall plants, the people in the front row will get plants in their face. I had a plant smack me in the face. Comical for everyone else 😉 If you’re okay with all of that, and want to see some beautiful scenery you must get on one of these rides. They seemed to be no shortage of these places and I suppose it is due to the swampy nature of Florida.

After all the excitement on the ride, we decided to visit another staple that we’ve heard so much about in Titusville.
Dixie Crossroads.

Their bathrooms were quite extravagant and didn’t seem to match the rest of the restaurant.

Each table receives their own fried crispy bites topped with powdered sugar. Deeeeelicious!

We knew we had to try the rock shrimp, so we ordered a dozen. They did not disappoint. When you break the meat from the shell, you dip it in butter and it just melts in your mouth. No matter how you request it cooked, it is just down right incredible.

After all the fun here, we ended up going to the Cocoa Beach Pier for official dinner. Seems like on trips all you do is eat right? Hey, I’m not complaining because you know I love food. The next morning, we packed our bags and checked our of the hotel, then hopper over to a very highly rated restaurant (thanks as always Yelp!)

|Simply Delicious Cafe and Bakery|

Their breakfast meals are huge and can certainly be shared amongst two. Tasty nonetheless!

As too much food leaves me in a food coma of sorts, we decided to take a quick walk.

Melbourne truly wrapped a wonderful visit to the Space Coast area in Florida. Have you been?