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Eye Product Favorites

Eye see you and I like what I see! 

I recently noticed I use a lot of different eye products, and I thought it would be helpful to show some of my favorites. Perhaps you use some of these and perhaps you’re going to find a new favorite.

(from left top in a counter clock-wise fashion)

Urban Decay Original Eyeshadow Primer Potion: I’ve raved about this product quite a bit because without it there is literally no eyeshadow on my oily eyelids after a few hours. It’s almost like I didn’t spend time putting any color on the lids so I religiously use this primer. I even put it on my eyelids on days I don’t end up wearing eyeshadow because it also helps keep the oiliness to a minimum. 

Covergirl’s Brow & Eyemakers Pencil: The shade I have is called ‘Midnight Brown’ and I have to admit, although I love this pencil product, I am not keen on pencils. They really tug out your eyebrow hairs and thin them out, and for some of us eyebrow hairs are really important. Losing any is not cool, so I don’t use this pencil very often. The one element I really like about a pencil though, is it gives you a lot of control when you’re in a hurry and just trying to get the brows spruced up a bit. It’s a foul-proof method that I do from time to time when I’m in a bit of a rush.

L’Oreal Studio Secret Magic Lumi Highlighter: I definitely love putting this under the eyes and around the cupid’s bow because it gives an instant brightening effect. It’s light on the skin and blends beautifully so you’re not patting the product into the skin for days. 

Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Waterproof Brow Mousse: I use the shade ‘Taupe’ because it’s a perfect brown that’s not too dark and not too light. It goes on well and stays in place all day. The one thing I really love about this eyebrow product is that it looks natural and I don’t use it to draw in eyebrows where there are no hairs; I use it to fill in my thin eyebrows as I think this is the best use of the mousse.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer: What a name! You can’t say that whole title in one breath, that’s for sure. Everyone and their mothers and grandmothers raves about this product. I had to see what all the hype was about, and I admit I do love it. It’s light, extremely brightening, blends nicely, and lasts literally all day. I have oily skin so when a concealer lasts on me, you know we’re in business.

Benefit Gimme Brow: I use the shade Light/Medium. Don’t be alarmed by the actual packaging and how light this shade looks. It’s not that light and it works really well with my dark brown brows. The beauty of this product is that (unlike the pencil and brow mousse) you need little to no experience doing your brows. The spooly makes the application so natural, easy, and quick. It’s truly an incredible creation. Benefit is kicking ass in the make-up world- gotta give it up to ’em!

Overall, I have quite a great mix of eye products and all made by different beauty brands. It’s nice to have some versatility and see what works best for what purpose.

What are your favorite eye products? 

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I’ve been reaching for my NARS primer every single day lately, but I will always go back to the Urban Decay primer when I run out of my NARS one. It’s a good one! xx, Ada