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Favorite Nail Design and the Best Coffee in Tucson

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When I saw this nail design from Victoria of Inthefrow I had the slight urge to drop everything and go to the nail salon right then and there. I resisted for a few days, but when I got to the nail salon I suggested this design. They told me it was completely doable, so I decided what the heck let’s do this. I have never walked out of a nail salon so happy so thank you to Classy Nails by Lee for the talent. It’s the little things, like pretty nails, that make the difference in a day.

Now, I’m a huge coffee lover so today I wanted to share my top three places to get coffee in Tucson.

#1 Coffee Cartel is the bomb dot com and it’s my favorite coffee shop in Tucson, without a doubt. I love to buy their coffee grinds and make my own coffee at home. Several of their grinds wouldn’t be the best with my drip brew method, so make sure to ask the associates which grinds will be best for your preferred method of coffee making. I enjoy their cappuccinos, americanos and just about every beautiful cup of coffee they make. The atmosphere in the shop is hip and modern with lots of millennials typing away on laptops, editing videos, sending emails and the likes. Coffee Cartel is just my cup of tea šŸ˜‰


#2 B Line is next up and while it’s not a coffee shop, it has delicious coffee along with the most scrumptious breakfasts. My boyfriend and I love going there for breakfast on the weekends. I typically get a cappuccino with my breakfast and he gets their regular coffee, which is strong as $&$#. If you recall some of my cappuccino pictures recently, they’re usually from B Line. If you want a design in your cup, you have to ask. I tell them I need to take an Instagram picture (embarrassing?) The kicker is that they even have pastries basked fresh every day!

B-Line Tucson Cappuccino

#3 Last but not least, Sparkroot is a downtown local favorite. With so many unique items on the menu and their use of chicory in iced coffee, you really can’t go wrong. If you’re looking for an authentic and special cup of coffee, I would say they are the most unique because of the interesting flavors in every single drink.

What’s your favorite type of coffee? Let me know in the comments below!

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